Who does Humanity Hate More?

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Public Apology

Here’s our TOP 10 public apologies for people offended by Humanity Hates Trump

  1.  We do not believe that Saturday Night Live impersonators are more credible than Donald Trump.
  2. Even though Ivanka is beautiful, we do not believe Donald Trump would date his daughter.
  3. We don’t think that building great walls that the Mexicans will pay for is what Donald Trump likes to do for fun
  4. We would not blame Donald Trump for legally changing his name to a symbol.
  5. We do not believe that Donald Trump’s spray tanning will classify him as America’s first orange president.
  6. We don’t think Donald Trump believes Hilary Clinton’s controversial internet history includes secret sexts to President Obama.
  7. There’s no way to know if Donald Trump had horrible morning breath, but we could reach out to his publicist and ask.
  8. We don’t believe Trump will be spending A Weekend at Bernie’s or sharing drinks with Bill Cosby.
  9. We do not believe Donald really thinks TRUMP STEAKS are the finest meat in America.
  10. We do know Donald Trump can tell the difference between his hair piece and a drowned rat.

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