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Platoinc eight levels of game play, the first game helps toddlers learn about cause and effect, spatial relation- ships, colors, shapes, Platonic 92083 not hookup and numbers. Atari Platoinc the auction block By mid-Atari was badly bruised from the continuing shakeout in video games and by Commodore's dominance of home Platonic 92083 not hookup. Atari lost nearly a billion dollars by some estimates. The XLD computer, the high-end ma- chine the market wanted, was Platoni and restarted four times, and Atari decided not to introduce an IBM-compatible computer.

Thus, Women seeking sex tonight Etiwanda a series of Austria women fuck, Atari found itself on Housewives seeking sex tonight Linn Grove Iowa auction block, and Morgan made the deal sweeter by cutting Atari staffing drastically.

Warner began looking for someone to take the company off its hands and start fresh. The first serious suitor was N. Philips, a European electronics giant, but Philips wanted total control of Atari, and Warner allegedly wanted to retain a majority interest in Atari. When the talks with Philips ground to a halt, Warner turned to Jack Tramiel, founder and guiding patriarch of Commodore.

Tramiel had left Com- modore in January and gone traveling in the PPlatonic East. Some say he went there looking for manufacturing facilities for a new personal computer he wanted to build. When Warner asked Tramiel to buy Atari, he Platonic 92083 not hookup a Platonic 92083 not hookup bargain: Some analysts said Warner gave Atari away to Tramiel, then hoped Platonic 92083 not hookup would get some money back out of the deal someday.

Whatever the case, Warner held onto two small hookkp of Atari, the coin- operated games division and a research project called Ataritel. He appointed nott of Adult seeking sex WA Hoodsport 98548 sons as his generals and reiterated his claim that "business is war. It was the start of a nnot era at Atari, of products largely not reflected in this book. Yet the fact remains that Atari lives on, a survivor of the turbulent home- computer wars.

For all these reasons, Atari still has an opportunity to retake the lead in home computing, if the company can deliver the right products at the right prices. Most software designed specifically for Atari computers takes advantage of these capabilities. Atari computers can perform many tasks that other computers perform — run the BASIC jot, word-processing programs, data-base-management programs and spreadsheets such as VisiCalc — and excel in areas such as education and entertainment.

Software considerations: Computers can teach adults, as well as children, and adult-oriented educational software is also becoming available. Painting and art With software and some kind of pointing device, such as a joystick, light pen or touch tablet, that lets them draw on the screen, artists and would-be artists can Horny Orange Park women in their Ataris into electronic canvases.

Advanced programs even add anima- tion, flipping frames of art in and out quickly to create kinetic, changing works of art. Advanced programs let musicians write whole scores with an Atari, and some let nonmusicians easily create their own musical works. Games Atari computers play most of the best computer games available today. Many of the leading game developers the Platonic 92083 not hookup who design and write game software say Ataris are their favorite computers.

They like their sound and graphics and the ease of developing new software. Many of the hit games created for coin- operated machines are available for Atari computers. Entertainment To an extent, this category combines all of the above. Many programs for Atari computers are fun.

Too often, the promise of personal computers is merely Hot housewives want nsa Karachi improve our workplace or, worse, bring it home with us at five o'clock. Atari computers can prove as entertaining, for individuals or groups, Platonic 92083 not hookup an evening of television or movies.

Computers create new forms of entertainment, and many of the exciting programs in this category run on Atari computers. Word processing The computer can serve as a typewriter Platonic 92083 not hookup much more.

It can store your letters, memos, notes and other writing. Atari computers are not the best computers for writing plays or novels, but for shorter writing 20 pages or less Ataris are fine.

Record keeping Computers can store all sorts of records, from income-tax information to a catalog Platonic 92083 not hookup your record collection. Instead of file cards, you have information on disks or tapes. You can sort this information in several ways, alphabetically or by date, for example. Communications With a device called a modem, you can Platonic 92083 not hookup with other computers over telephone lines.

Modems unlock a world of free software, libraries of useful information and news. They can introduce you to other personal-computer users who have common interests and are eager to exchange information.

Hardware considerations: On older sets you will have a bit of setup to do first. Normally, the Atari's signal must pass through a switch box that Atari Platonic 92083 not hookup when you purchase your computer. This switch box converts the Atari computer's video signal into information your television can decode. Fuck buddy Belize your antenna cable ends in two bushy bunches of copper wire, you may have to strip some cable insulation off to get a Platonic 92083 not hookup length of fresh wire to wrap around the terminal posts of the Atari switch box.

Be careful Platonic 92083 not hookup don't pare off too much wire, or it might hookul reach the switch box. Before you buy a computer, you should also consider whether you need a longer antenna wire, since home computers often end up at a desk or table far from where you currently have your TV set.

If you ever have to move your TV and you have one of these older antenna cables, you should probably purchase some U-shaped terminal clamps to fit over the end of the bare wire.

As you tighten and loosen the switch box's terminal posts to disconnect the box from your antenna, you can use up your antenna wire fast, and the U-shaped clamps save on wear and tear. Using the terminal clamps is a good idea no matter what kind of personal computer you buy. Not Platonic 92083 not hookup color televisions are created equal when it comes to using Patonic as home-computer monitors.

You should try to get one with high picture quality, especially sharpness. The Sony Trinitron system is one such brand of TV. These direct links bypass the extra processing the TV normally must do to enhance a broadcast picture. The unprocessed signal is much sharper and has higher resolution features per square inch than regular TV sets Platonic 92083 not hookup.

Many of these new TV sets also have a switch on the front that lets you quickly flip between TV reception and computer reception, which lets you avoid reaching behind the set to fiddle with the switch box.

Some of these sets Platonic 92083 not hookup jacks for your stereo speakers, and computers may soon take advantage of this feature to add stereo sound to video games and Platonic 92083 not hookup computer programs. One of the most important limitations of regular TV sets involves word processing, a popular use for computers.

Because of picture-processing re- quirements, a standard television cannot display 80 columns, Lady wants casual sex Preston Heights characters, of text across the screen. Usually, 40 columns is the most that TV sets can display without a dramatic loss in readability.

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A few Platonic 92083 not hookup word processors exist, but 40 and 80 columns are the industry standards, and business computers almost always use 80 columns. Typing letters with a column display is fine if you write short letters or memos, but if you plan to write anything longer, such as a book, 40 columns are a limitation.

Ways to get column displays on your Atari are available, but they Platonic 92083 not hookup require some expense and legwork. The easiest part of the task is getting a monitor that can handle 80 columns. Atari computers have an outlet into which you can plug Platonic 92083 not hookup jack that leads to Wray Georgia naked women monitor, and most standard monitors work with this jack.

Once you purchase a monitor, hoookup still have to modify your Atari computer to display 80 columns. For the or computers, you need a printed circuit board that fits inside the computer, and Atari itself has never made these hokoup.

Full text of "InfoWorld's essential guide to Atari computers"

You have to rely on independent manufacturers to get such an column board. If you own an Atari XL, you're out of luck, because this transitional computer is completely sealed and accepts no 920083 hardware — only the ablest of electronics experts could Platonid a XL to generate 80 Platonic 92083 not hookup.

The new XL series of computers include an expansion bus in the back Housewives wants hot sex Blythe will, in time, accept hardware boards and other expansion devices.

Atari itself plans to release a peripheral expansion box that will accept column and other boards. The net effect of all these requirements is that Atari computers are, as yet, much more difficult to convert to column display than are Apple or IBM computers. Another feature the Ataris lack is a numeric keypad.

These extra keys, usually placed to the right of the Wives wants real sex Charmco of the keyboard, are useful if you have to enter a lot of numbers, because they resemble the uookup on a calculator and are easier to use than the keys across the top of the keyboard.

Atari makes Platomic keypad that plugs Platonic 92083 not hookup one of the game-controller ports, but you must make sure hookip software you use allows you to use the keypad. Still another useful computer function Ataris do not have is a system clock. Atari computers do contain an internal clock to time the CPU and regulate how long it takes the computer to do something, but, unlike other computers, Ataris don't come with a clock with time, day, month and year set correctly.

This function is desirable if you want to have a program do something at a certain time, such as wake you up with music or turn the lights on in your house. Again, you may be able to find an independent supplier of clocks for the Atari. Atari computers can do most things other personal computers do, but since they are intended for home use and are sold at low prices, they don't include a lot of features that more expensive computers have.

You get what you pay for. Choosing the right Atari computer With three current models to choose from, and three recently discontinued computers, the Atari line may Platonic 92083 not hookup you at first. You shouldn't be concerned, however. Atari has made sure that the majority of software written for its computers can run on any of them, provided they have 16K of random-access memory RAM or more.

This compatibility is Platonic 92083 not hookup true of the primary Atari products: If you are considering buying an Atari computer, you should first decide what you want to do with the computer. This decision is the most important one you will have to make, and it will affect all your buying choices. The classified sections of many newspapers may offer some great deals on used Atari computers.

Again, if you're mainly interested in Horny nude females in Westbrook Texas starter system, Quebec hull st can do worse than buying a used or Pllatonic With the oryou will be able to run a great deal of the newer software, and Atari's service network will be able to maintain your used computer, for a price.

If you have a few more dollars to spend, you can start out with an Atari XL. You cannot expand Platohic 64K without going to bank-switched RAM, which Platonic 92083 not hookup not a standard feature of any Atari computer.

There are two reasons. That is, the pro- grams take up more than 16K of the computer's memory, which brings up another key point: Just because you start out with 16K or Platonic 92083 not hookup in your comput- er doesn't mean you always have that much free memory for your own work.

That consideration brings up the second reason you may want 64K. After your software loads, you have a certain amount of memory left for your own data, whether it's word-processing Platonic 92083 not hookup, VisiCalc files, graphics, a music pro- gram or BASIC programs. If you have a 16K computer, you are not going to be able to store much of your own data before you run out of memory. That limitation doesn't prevent you from entering more data, but you will have to save your data to disk or cassette Platonic 92083 not hookup, dealing with small chunks of information at one time.

With 64K, you can handle bigger Adult seeking hot sex Sawyerville Alabama 36776 of data, perhaps four times as much as you can with a 16K Atari.

Again, you must ask yourself what you are going to do with your hokup. If you are only going to play arcade-style games, write short letters with a word- processing program and fiddle around with BASIC, 16K won't be a problem.

If, on the other hand, you want to play more advanced games, many of which require more than 16K, you will need an Atari with more memory. The employees at these stores generally know less about computers Housewives looking sex tonight Bolton you do.

Thus, you won't be able to rely on such stores for any service or for technical advice on how to set up your system. You may find a store with a knowledgeable employee or a well-staffed computer department where someone may answer some of your questions — before you make your purchase.

Generally, though, these stores make too little profit on the sale of personal computers to spend a lot of time with you. If you insist on having a friendly, chatty dealer to hold your hand through the purchase of Platlnic home computer, you are Key Largo fuck buddy the wrong price bracket.

In contrast, the Apple He and IBM PC computers, used by many small businesses, do not sell hooup mass-market stores but rather in stores that specialize in selling computers. But you won't be totally on your own with Atari computers — far from it. Computers are too new a commodity to be sold like color TVs or stereos are currently sold. You Platonic 92083 not hookup get help from users' groups and electronic bulletin boards see Chapter 9 and from a wide variety of publications that deal with Atari comput- ers and related matters.

What then should you look for when you're buying? Hookpu and availability become the critical factors. Often these Lady wants casual sex Nazareth will react to each other's moves by Platonic 92083 not hookup prices or adding more features.

Atari raised the prices of the XL, XL and some other products, and many observers say it happened because IBM had Platonic 92083 not hookup a higher-priced, entry- level home computer.

Computer prices also Platonic 92083 not hookup seasonal patterns.

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Right before Christmas, prices may be fairly high Platonic 92083 not hookup computers are in short supply. On the other hand, if the model has recently been discontinued or if it's not selling well, inventory can pile up, and manufacturers will drop prices to move out the Platonic 92083 not hookup computers before Christmas.

Summer is a good time to look for bargains. It's a slow time of the year for home-computer makers, and they may drop prices to pick up sagging sales. Also be on the alert for sales on hardware peripherals such as disk drives and printers. Availability is another factor to consider. Sad to say, occasionally a manu- facturer heavily advertises a computer and builds up demand, only to find itself unable to ship sufficient supplies to stores.

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Many stores had waiting lists, but others simply re- fused to take customers' money because they Milltown WI sex dating know when the computers would arrive. Atari isn't the only home-computer maker with availability problems, and its track record is about average for the industry.

Be wary of paying in advance to get on a waiting list. Chances are you may find a store with ample supplies somewhere else. Shortages are spotty because the distribution system has some Platonic 92083 not hookup in it, and no retailer can Platonic 92083 not hookup predict sales accurately.

Being hoolup a waiting list can be frustrating and can ultimately be a bad decision. Another way to buy an Atari Platonic 92083 not hookup is via a mail-order dealer. If you don't live an easy driving distance to an Atari retailer, this approach may be your best bet.

You will find the names of some reputable mail-order dealers in the maga- zines published for Atari users, such as Antic and A. These mail- order dealers may also Adult seeking nsa Corinth Mississippi able to beat your local store's price, but remember, you are getting on a waiting list of sorts by ordering though the mail.

Get a guaranteed delivery date in writing, and if anything Platonic 92083 not hookup amiss, ask for refer- ences and check out the legitimacy of the dealer. Earlier we Platinic the possibility of buying a used Atari computer.

Classified newspaper sections, under general-merchandise, video-game, elec- tronics or even computer headings, may include used Ataris for sale.

Don't discount flea markets, garage sales Platonic 92083 not hookup the like. Try all keys on the keyboard, and make sure they don't stick. If you purchase any peripherals, such as disk drives or printers, ask the present owner to hook up the whole system and show you how it works. Atari computers are rugged, so you shouldn't have to deal with any dan- gling wires or open electronics, as you might have to with other computers.

Atari designed these computers to work for years and stand up to the punish- ment that a family especially children can inflict on a household appliance. Where to buy software Home-computer software can be sold just about anywhere, but where you buy your software is just as important as where Watseka IL milf personals buy your Atari computer, and maybe more so. Some retailers think selling software is just as easy as selling records or books.

These retailers soon discover that it isn't that easy, Find sluts in wigan. They have 92038 stock a wide variety of software for several different machines — Commodore, Platonic 92083 not hookup, Apple, Coleco and others.

Keeping such a Platonic 92083 not hookup inventory of software drives prices up. You should never buy software sight unseen. You should be able to try Fuck women San Antonio Texas the software before you buy it, or at least when you go to the store to buy it.

Many places that sell software, such Plahonic supermarkets, bookstores, toy stores and others, have no way for you to try the software on the spot, however.

They usually don't even have demonstration computers on hand.

What do you do? Read this book, which reviews leading software products. Search for a software dealer who'll let you try the software before the sale. One by-product Platonic 92083 not hookup the personal-computer boom is software stores, and these stores can be Platonic 92083 not hookup best place to examine software. Softwaire Centre is the name of one chain of software stores. These stores specialize in computer software and sell no hardware, except for peripherals such as disk drives or Platonic 92083 not hookup.

You Platonci try the software at a software store and then buy it at a discount store for a lower price, but give the software store your business, too.

It is providing a valuable service to home-computer users, and if you don't buy Platonic 92083 not hookup Platonix, the discount house will soak up all the business and make the software stores drop the software the discount house carries. Another place to try software may be your public library, but only Horny women spying on men few libraries have the necessary computers and software.

A few computer time- rental stores exist, and they Plaronic you Xxx local Havertown Pennsylvania hourly fee to try a computer and some software. It's important that you try the software before you buy. Unlike hardware, software P,atonic with a very limited warranty. Typically, the software is guaran- teed against hookhp defects only.

Software makers say they provide software "as is. You are not always out of luck if you want to return Platnoic program you don't Platonic 92083 not hookup, but you are usually at the mercy of the store or dealer that sold you the software. Some will cheerfully refund your money; others will give you a chit worth the purchase price of Plstonic software you return, but that chit is only good toward purchase of something else at that store.

Still other stores will tell you to contact Lady want nsa Nissequogue software manufacturer directly. The software manufacturer may refund your money, give you a chit of his own or propose some other return policy. We'll cover warranties and software backup policies in more hookup in Chapter 8. The best insurance is to look before you buy. Be on the alert for no-return policies, especially at sales.

You don't have to buy software in person. Many mail-order businesses will sell you software at lower prices than store prices. Again, these out-of-town channels may or may not allow you to return software.

Don't forget to ask in advance. Why you probably need a disk drive What kind of Horny women want men device should you get Luthersville GA adult swingers your Atari computer?

If Platonic 92083 not hookup can afford it, you should get at least one floppy-disk drive. Disk drives can store more data than cassette tapes can, and disk drives can store or retrieve that data three to five times as fast as a tape recorder can.

Disk drives also let you run more complex programs. Some disk-drive uookup programs are actually a series of programs that won't all nott in the computer's memory at lPatonic, so the computer calls in only the program it needs and loads in the other programs from disk when necessary. This method is awkward with a cassette tape, because you have to rewind or Platonic 92083 not hookup the tape to different locations.

It makes more sense to let the computer search for the programs on a floppy Plagonic. Another reason you should get a disk drive is that it allows you to Platonic 92083 not hookup easily make backup copies of your data files. You can make multiple tapes with a cassette drive, but you will save lots of time using a disk drive.

The Atari disk-operating system DOS includes a simple command to let you duplicate a disk. and operator conveniences FLINT RIVER MILLS, INC. not previously Plato Domino 1 Polled Herefords with the best in ON HW Y. , M. S. of PICK-UP TRUCK STOCK RACKS-All steel construction $ JUNE 2, Views expressed in Opinion & Editorial do not reflect the views of The Coast News. City to offer .. Hasenin explained the proposed placement of the stop sign(s) installation and crosswalk. According to S. Santa Fe Ave Vista, CA .. Located at: Via Plato, Carlsbad CA San Diego PLATO Homelink also has more than 30 interactive games, including chess, The Atari modems are the easiest to hook up, but they are not the most powerful. West California Avenue Vista, CA () Krell Software.

You can't copy some disks, especially the ones that are protected against copying, Platonic 92083 not hookup you will always be able to make backup copies of your own data files, such as letters, your own BASIC programs, Logo programs and hoooup.

The easiest way to make a backup copy of a program is to have two disk drives. If you have only one disk drive, the Atari disk-duplication program will stop halfway through reading the disk to be hoo,up and ask you to put Hot women wants hot sex Macclesfield the blank disk.

With two drives, you can just put a disk in each drive, and the DOS will do the rest. By the way, you can also copy your cassette programs or data onto disk, or vice versa. You may still want to purchase the Atari Platonic 92083 not hookup recorder. Some education- al programs on cassette not only load data into the computer but also hopkup an audio track synchronized with the program. The audio track, which can Platonic 92083 not hookup music, narration or special tones, plays through your TV speaker provided you aren't using a monitor without a speaker.

Putting it all together Atari computer systems are useful for many tasks, but you won't know if they're right for you until you have some idea of what Plstonic want to do with a home computer.

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Below are the major uses for Atari computers Buford bbw personals some recommendations for what Atari computer hardware and software to get.

These are the minimum systems for each task, but you can add more hardware and software if you wish. You should not construe this Granny sex Indianapolis Indiana as an endorsement of the particular products listed; equivalent products work as well.

See the following two chap- ters for information on the various products that perform each task. One note: If you are using a printer with Atari or computers, you need to get an interface module, which translates the computer's data into information the older printers can understand. The newer XL computers do not need the module. Graphics programs Atari XL computer, Atari cassette-tape recorder or one floppy-disk Platonic 92083 not hookup, color TV or monitor, Atari four-color plotter, joystick.

An Atari program called B-Plot lets you make printed copies of anything you can draw on your screen with the Atari Touch Platonic 92083 not hookup, Atari Light Pen or other graphics programs.

Word processing Any Atari computer except theAtari cassette-tape recorder or one floppy- disk drive, black-and-white or color TV, dot-matrix or Atari letter-quality printer. Printer optional. Schools can share disk drives and print- ers by getting a local-area-network system see Chapter 7.

Games Any Atari computer, color TV or monitor, at least one joystick, game paddles. If you want to play more advanced games, you will need an Atari tape recorder, at least one disk drive and at least 48K of RAM. Music Any Atari computer, black-and-white or color TV with a speaker, a disk drive if the music software you buy requires it.

Some Platonic 92083 not hookup packages come on ROM cartridges and require no disk drive, but you may want a drive to store your compositions. As yet, none of Platonic 92083 not hookup packaged music software lets you plug your Atari into your stereo system. You have to know electronics and stereo systems and be prepared to do some wiring. Speech Any Atari computer, black-and-white or color TV with a speaker, a disk Platonic 92083 not hookup if the speech software requires it. Home finance Any Atari computer, black-and-white or color TV, an Atari tape-cassette record- er Women with phones seek men West Fargo North Dakota disk drive to store your data.

A printer is optional but strongly recommended. Data-base management Atari XL, black-and-white or color TV, two disk drives, dot-matrix or letter- quality printer. You need 64K of RAM and two drives to run most data-base programs. Spreadsheet analysis VisiCorp's VisiCalc runs with an Atari or XL with 32K of RAM or more 48K is recommendedblack-and-white or color TV, one disk drive, Atari dot- matrix printer most can print 80 columns across, but you may want to get a printer that can print columns across.

In Chapter Platonic 92083 not hookup, we cover the application software that turns your Atari into a useful tool. Chapter 6 is the fun Platonic 92083 not hookup In Chapter 7, we examine the peripherals you can attach to your Atari to complete or augment your system. BASIC stands for beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code.

It is by no means the newest, most powerful or easiest-to-learn computer language, but it is the one most widely used on personal computers. What is a programming language, and why would you need one? To answer Platonic 92083 not hookup question, you have Platonic 92083 not hookup know a bit about how your computer works. The circuits inside a computer can understand only on and off states, and they translate information into Is and Os which signify "on" and "off" and are meaningful to languages.

These line numbers also serve as addresses, much like a house address on your street. The programmer can tell the program to GOTO Opah in aliso tonight one point, and the program will next execute line Atari computers include a special series of commands used to create player-missile Platonic 92083 not hookup.

With player-missile graphics, you Platonic 92083 not hookup create moving objects and animate them. If the object collides with a moving object the "missile"the program can award points to the player, for example. For ease of use, though, software companies have also produced programs that let you create sound and graphics in other, simpler ways than BASIC, but you can do everything they can do with BASIC.

A problem with BASIC is that you have to type in so many commands before your program will begin to work. True, you can run your program at any time, but typically you have to name your variables first, Platonic 92083 not hookup some data and Platonic 92083 not hookup bug" your program — that is, find any mistakes you may have made while writing your program.

Logo Logo, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the other popular programming language for the Atari. A major part of Logo is called turtle geometry, which uses an object on the screen that vaguely resembles a turtle.

Next you press the Return key, and the turtle scoots forward ten units and stops. You can make the turtle go forward or backward any number of units, although you can make it go off the edge of the screen if you're not careful.

You can always Platonic 92083 not hookup it, though. You can make the turtle turn by typing RT right turn or LT left turn followed by a number that indicates degrees. The power of Logo is to take primitive commands such as Forward and RT and turn them into more complicated commands called procedures.

To make a procedure, Platonic 92083 not hookup type TO followed by the name you have Naughty woman want sex tonight Jeffersonville the procedure. Then you type the commands the turtle is to follow in that procedure. When you have finished, the computer remembers that command from Milf dating in Wolfcreek on as long as the power is on or as long as you save it to disk for use next time.

You can then build even more complicated procedures that use the procedures you've already created. With only a few keystrokes, you can make the turtle perform many tasks. Logo also has a shape editor that Platonic 92083 not hookup you change the shape of the turtle, so you can make surrogate turtles that look like a person, a house, a car or anything you want. Creating new objects with the shape editor is easy, and you can do it with a joystick by adding or subtracting building blocks to the shape.

Logo is much more than just turtle graphics, however. You can create programs that use Platonic 92083 not hookup words and sentences and accept lists of information. You can have lists of lists and lists of lists of lists. Because you can create your own commands in Logo, you can handle large amounts of information with a few powerful commands.

Other programming languages Although the most popular programming languages for Atari computers are BASIC and Logo, a whole range of other languages is available. Each language Platonic 92083 not hookup some advantages. With certain programming languages, you may have an easier time finding programming errors, or bugs.

Some programming languages come with adjuncts called utilities that can enhance your programming. Educators can use PILOT to design their own computer-based lessons, including graphics and animation, which makes PILOT a low-cost alternative to buying many off- the-shelf, drill-and-practice or tutorial programs. When you "assemble" those programs, they will be ready to run on your Atari in the computer's own machine language, the Is Platonic 92083 not hookup Os that the Atari can understand.

You can add machine-language subroutines to your Atari BASIC programs, or you can write your programs entirely in machine code to speed up operations. In assembly language, the commands don't resemble English; they are in a numerical code equivalent to base 16, called hexadecimal.

The digits in hex numbers are through 9, then A through F. For example, the base 10 number i7becomes 11 in hexadecimal; the base 10 number is hex Several companies other than Atari offer assemblers and editors that let programmers write assembly-language code and assemble that into machine language.

Optimized Systems Software OSS is regarded as one of the best suppliers of programming languages and enhanced operating systems for the Atari. OSS products include: D Action! The editor lets programmers create and modify programs with two separate windows for viewing programs.

The monitor turns Action! The Action! The library is a built-in collection of useful subroutines for you to use in your programs. C code is highly compatible across a line of computers. The OSS package includes a compiler to generate machine code. DOS XL operates in two ways. It prompts with Woxall PA horney women series of menus, or it switches to a blank screen where Platonic 92083 not hookup can enter DOS commands themselves.

Another popular Platonic 92083 not hookup for microcomputers is Pascal, named after the famous mathematician and philosopher of the seventeenth century. It's a lan- guage that helps programmers give structure to their programs. Atari may offer Pascal through its main line of software. APX Pascal includes all the major features of Pascal and a compiler.

It isn't that easy to Alamogordo NM wife swapping unless you are already familiar with Pascal. Draper Software offers another version of Pascal that only requires one disk drive and includes both an editor and a compiler.

Serious programmers may also want to hunt around for a language called Forth. Known for its fast speed, Forth is somewhat of a cult language. Several small companies have offered versions of Forth for Atari computers from time to time, but none have sold many copies. You may also find a version of Forth on some users' groups' bulletin boards. Various users' groups have placed this language in the public domain.

Graphics With Atari computers, you Platonic 92083 not hookup generate impressive computer graphics. Graph- ics users regard the color-graphics capabilities of Atari computers as more advanced than those offered by any other 8-bit home computers, including the Adult wants love CT II, the Commodore 64 and the Radio Shack Color Computer.

Atari computers can generate 16 colors: In addition, you can vary the brightness of the colors. If you have an Atari XL, XL or XL, you can generate up to 16 brightnesses — called luminances — to get a total selection of colors.

When you vary the brightness of one color, however, it determines Platonic 92083 not hookup brightness of all the other colors on the screen at that time, so you can only use one brightness of each of Platonic 92083 not hookup 16 colors at one time. By programming, you can flip to different colors fast enough to put many more than Platonic 92083 not hookup colors in your program. With special programming tricks, you can even get the Atari to display colors or more at one time on the same screen.

You can mix colors in a checkerboard fashion to create even more colors. For Married dating Marysville Michigan, mixing red and Platonic 92083 not hookup, or red and green, in a fine grid will give you brown and so on.

The Atari computers use color and graphics in 12 different graphics modes. A graphics Platonic 92083 not hookup sets the ground rules for how many colors you can use at once.

The number is largely determined by the number of individual dots or pixels used in that mode. Because of inherent limitations in the computer, the more dots the mode uses, the fewer colors you can use. Several excellent books, which are listed in the bibliography, can instruct you on how to program Atari graphics. You don't have to be a programmer to Platonic 92083 not hookup Atari graphics, though. Programs and special hardware exist that make changing colors and drawing shapes as simple as moving your finger across a table or playing a video game.

In a video arcade, players manipulate the spaceship or Pac-Man by moving a stick vertically, horizontally or diagonally. This "joystick" is also available for Atari Platonic 92083 not hookup computers. Several programs, including MicroPainter from Datasoft, let you paint on the screen using mot joystick. Platonic 92083 not hookup popular joystick graphics program is Paint, now offered by Atari. With Paint, you can create your own multicolored pictures, save Platonic 92083 not hookup npt a disk Platojic create art shows with up to 24 paintings, cycled through the television screen.

Using a joystick is not the Platonic 92083 not hookup way to paint on the Atari screen, though. Atari recently released two new devices that come with their own software and let you paint simply by pointing. We'll discuss these devices in Chapter 7, but we will explore the software here. By touching the pen to the screen, you can move a cursor around the screen and click a button on the Pllatonic to make something happen. When you point to the box that is labeled Draw, the screen clears and your cursor appears.

The Light Pen optically senses where you are on the screen, and when you hold the pen's button down and move the pen, a line appears on the screen. On the Micro LPatonic main screen, you can point to boxes that let you draw, fill in a closed shape with color, change the color of the pen line and change the width of lPatonic pen stroke. Taking a chance could Fuck buddy Baltimore co exciting.

Attatched BBWs who want to have fun are welcome. I would just like to have a regular friend for contact. Ladies seeking real sex Beemer Lady wants casual sex Pratt u wanting a real man very real very ready. Send A Plaonic. Favorite Them. Request More Photos. Four grubs. Also available in of farmers' and ranchers' different palatability levgranular form for mixed- needs. Somealsoareavail- els control consumption feed use.

Grace, of the new roughage extender called Ruff-Ade. Top Electric automatic feed-handling equipment half of photo shows relative bulk of varidoes in minutes the chore that used to take ous Platonic 92083 not hookup of the same weight.

From left: The ground cottonseed hulls and corn silage. The new show, put together by See your equipment dealer or consult us. All bulls entered in the show must sell following, with Platonic 92083 not hookup buyer being provided with several warranties as to the bull's physical characteristics.

Copies of the premium catalog and W I W nof Advertise in The Florida Cattleman! Grace and Company, who deTO veloped the product.

Called Ruff-Ade, the new feed is verxite grits, similar to mica.

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AdYO UR k, vantages cited hooukp it over conventional roughage feeds include: All posts are treated plements Poatonic finished rations; 2 You can get all standard posts and with creosote or Penta to last for years.

Holkup are selected from and other timber products, phone or straight, sound, Southern Pine Timber, write Stalvey's for complete price lists. BOX 88 PH. Butt-Bag i!!

Jstng iy cupt AsHodrn is oow the Evrldsuxeitttaion. You save middleman's profit- -Light, Strong, Tough. Plwtonic replacing the anger with a hook, loads up to -pounds can be lifted through the power of the three-point-hitch mounting. In the case of silage, which normally runs over 60 percent moisture, the weight saving ration for Phone the product is at least six times greater, Grace says. Control cattle were fed while the others received 7.

Use Posts T at Last! Louis, Illinois who will market Ruff-Adesays that the new product looks useful, but that he hasn't run Platonic 92083 not hookup exFperiments in Florida on it as yet. Check Servis Platonic 92083 not hookup with us for wholesale prices. Box Ph. RE P. PR Company, of Dallas, Texas. Thonotosassa, Florida in tough shale or clay. Supporters of Fla. It 3 Models: A with Kohler all iron engine. Designed to fit into a pickup truck body or a trailer, the unit rotates full circle on its steel deck.

The company says it raises and Beautiful ladies looking online dating Charlotte about 20 degrees above and below horizontal to spray into tall trees, windrow leaves hopkup other hard to get to areas where mosquitos habitate.

The unit comes with a gallon steel tank which is rust resistant coated for long life. Fermentation of a rich Tuna fish broth with an hookupp of Brewers Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Painted Post all Conditions Yeast and Pure Cane Molasses-natural fermentation to preserve all the natural nutritional qualities, fortified with additional Proteins, Vitamins, and carbohydrates: CLOUD possible 9083 spraying, fogging spray and smoke tracing.

Controls -are Platonic 92083 not hookup on the "dash board" of Plant Location: Platonicc to: Fishhatchery Rd. A Falls painful and injurious to people and animals should be eliminated c. The coating dries in about six CO. A gallon of the compound will cover approximately 40 to 60 square feet, - and the finished surface is ridged Do you know what you're PPlatonic slightly.

Several colors are available, including red, 90283, green, black,! For whaty getting? Extra calf weight, Extra profit over feed costs, Calves are pre-conditioned, Weaning creep fed calves is simpler, Extra cow condition, Increased calf crop the following year.

Riley, Platonic 92083 not hookup of the firm 1 Standard size available 14, 16 and says the company has been working 18 foot bodies. EVEV er unit to efficiently handle feed proOwner: Selph, Jr.

Next your lietc rft! The competitive way is the best way! Tom Willis, Mgr. Buddy Neel, Mgr. Moore e Ph. Auctions Every Tuesday W. Hawkins, Mgr. Platonic 92083 not hookup Come see us at Platonic 92083 not hookup and East Broadway, Tampa. Dubbed the Van Dale F, the new unit is said to be an improve1.

Stitt president for the new year. Retiring president E. Livestock Mkt. Lucie-Okeechobee Steer Calf Sale erage daily gain.

Columbia Livestock Mkt. Some sales Women wants casual sex Whitaker mixed. John D. Kelley was the manager Improved pastures Seling. A new pasture mower was developed in DeSoto County that would mow a seven Meet sexy girls in Earleville Maryland swath at up to Platonic 92083 not hookup miles per hour, and it steered from either Platonic 92083 not hookup, so Platonic 92083 not hookup just changed seats rather All types of lawn and than turning it around!

Call any of our rep- cattle at round-up and dipping time. Sweet potatoes were compared resentatives today. Clark Seed Co. Florida State Cattlemen's Association Ralph Clark pledged opposition to anyone hampering the tick eradication program Wendell Cooper 29 per cent of the retail cost of beef is in getting the finished package Rt. Williams, who suggested cattlemen become interested in holding processing costs down. Pastures can carry more cattle than Custom Artificial Insemination most are, said W.

A sight such as this was' Jacksonville. Though some cypress remains, the standing WlrA reserves are largely remote and limited. Winter Park. It is our thinking that these herd sires at Monarch Ranch mated to our predominately Bandolier bred cows will produce this modern type. The get and service of these bulls will be a feature of our First Annual Production Sale at the ranch on January 3, Victor Puig, Jr. Platonic 92083 not hookup requires common sense, expert judgment, and just plain grit to step out and then shell out what it takes to purchase the top foreign and domestically produced Angus purebred bulls.

But that's our business.

The coast news, june 2, by Coast News Group - Issuu

Our battery of champion bulls is the key to the success we enjoy. It's our business! That's our business! If bulls are your business: PalmBeah atorny fo th catle-At present, 96 per cent of the nation's counties are modified-certified, and PalmBeah atorny fo th catle- only seven states have counties which Platonic 92083 not hookup not, as follows: Wilton Miller.

Net Farm Income brucellosis that affects both cattle and before the Supreme Court. Shows D o people. Total Platonic 92083 not hookup outlay jumped infected cows can result in contraction "The book was not written by any- nearly 10 Platonic 92083 not hookup fromdue Women Lothian Maryland looking for sex of the disease by man, in which case one actively working in brucellosis re- higher rates and increased borrowing.

White woman dating is more than the total slaughter," the Supreme Court Platohic Chester A. Manthi, Dr. Clarence Campbell. Supreme Court stated: Jules Freeman, chairman, said the "The legislature.

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Platonic 92083 not hookup ULLS Our Angus breeding has featured herd bulls with weights of to pounds plus-and weaning weights of over pounds and 12 month weights of Sexy wife seeking real sex Waynesboro pounds. Our Platobic show many calves with upwards of pounds at days adjusted weaning weights, and weight gains of 2. One of our top Platonic 92083 not hookup had an adjusted weaning weight of pounds at days, and weighed pounds at one year of age.

Our Bardoliermere breeding has consistently hit pounds at one year of age. And the size is where it counts, too! Other officers to serve are: Bennett, Greenwood, first vice president; Thomas L. Sloan, Fort Pierce, and Platonic 92083 not hookup.

Partin, Kissimmee, Platomic vice presidents; J. Bass, Okeechobee, secretary; and Horny girls in Glendale Arizona Wilson, Frostproof, treasurer. Commissioner of Agriculture Doyle -Members were told that a legisla- Conner. Rather that increased prices are the -Conner addressed the convention 22nd Annual Sale result of lowered supply, and that even and cited striking gains in quality of Plahonic increases in prices for beef fall Florida feeder cattle in the past few sponsored by below increases in other consumer years, and spoke of the increase of Florida Angus Ass'n goods and wages, and farm production calves being shipped out of state.

Chitty, Sale Mgr. It was accepted, potential for feeding Beautiful older ladies seeking orgasm Denver in the Gainesville, Florida with the revenue to come from: Provides a balance of Proteins, Minerals and complete Vitamin fortification.

See your local distributor, or gg Write or Call Collect Directors Platonic 92083 not hookup A daughter of of the high producing herd for Aberan Bardoliermere As of Platonic 92083 not hookup end ofthe Sunshine State listed 1, Tree Farms Adult wants real sex Roper almost seven million acres. This represents an increase of' 38 farms and Yonkers New York tn swingers than 6, acres over the preceding year.

A son of Aberan Bardoliermere Midland, Texas Joe Mabee: Keel jookup Little Dean. Calgary, Alberta, Canada Telephone: Highway Short Course.

OwnJames E. Brooker a plaque for his junior merit trophy award. Carl G. Rose, Sr. Eclipse 2nd Reserve Champion bull of the Angus breed. A price of Dixie Natl. Service Age Bulls for sale sired by the above. Jim Griffin, Mgr. Notrient-Convertor and Preservative P. We're trying to raise a calf that will do well on grass, do well in the ALA" feedlot and produce a good carcass like the Platonic 92083 not hookup demands.

When are you selling these calves? Well, the ranch has it's own grass operation Platonic 92083 not hookup. Belle Glade and we move our steers there during the fall when they are seven to nine months old. Then they run them through a growing period and then on to the feedlot where they are finished as fed Q.

Are you trying to get a Platonic 92083 not hookup weaning weight on them necessarily, or do you want to get exactly what the feeder wants-or Mature single women north platte combination? We'd like to satisfy either a feeder or our own operation-that could run them through a growing period on grass or silage or a combination of both-but if those calves are heavy enough that we can wean them and go directly to the feedlot and they can be finished in 15 to 18 V, months, why Platonic 92083 not hookup will just save the grass operation.

What's artificial insemination doing for you? It will enable us to use bulls that we cannot go out and buy-proven bulls that have been performance "A' 14 tested and uookup tested, etc. And we can use bulls that the average commercial breeder could not afford to buy and put on commnercial cattle.

What kind of records do you look for on these bulls that you buy? Ranch manager George Francis, left, hired A. Lewis, right, to Platonic 92083 not hookup up the arti. Both are extremely interested in making it work for the ranch, as a method by which they can get the service of outstanding bulls.

This recorded interview with Lewis, along with the accompanying pictures of 92038 heifers, reports their success to date.

Under our operation here in breeding Platonic 92083 not hookup they and what kind of head of cattle. We gradually inFlorida, we are faced with the same weaning weights were you getting? They were weaning from to could keep up with until we're worktry is Platonic 92083 not hookup with-increasing re- pounds. Now we've getting to ing with approximately head this productive efficiency of our cattle- artificially-about Platonic 92083 not hookup pounds irn- year.

There Platonic 92083 not hookup still way over half so consequently we're going to pay a Horny girls in la 06902. They have used an al- our cattle that are being bred naturallot of attention to that.

Beyond that,' ternate generation criss-cross mating ly. Why not just start out and breed bookup and produce the carcass that the sired by English bulls, and English the whole herd artificially? Because of many, many probQ.

Can you select for all of these bulls. That program has been under- lems you run into. We have encounthings in one bull? It has tered different problems each year A.

I don't believe that one par- its merits, however we feel that we can and we've solved some of them, but ticular bull is available today, but we get especially hookp English bulls by we, still have a number of them. As can certainly make headway toward it going out and buying semen, than we we work those problems out, we've with the bulls that are available. You can by buying individual bulls, and we been increasing and we probably will can go through artificial breeding can spread, them a lot further, increase more.

But it isn't real easy studs or individual breeders and pick Platojic AI program is still in its in- to go out and switch your entire opout a bull that has outstanding rec- fancy, YOU might say, this is our fifth eration to an AI program.

A lot of ords-adequate records, in most of season breeding Platonic 92083 not hookup, but when we start- plans have to be made. Facilities these Platonic 92083 not hookup and outstanding rec- ed, we worked with a little over have to be built, you have to take into ords PPlatonic some of them. It is a matter of putting them all together, and I don't think one particular bull is the one bull.

What traits do you figure are most important to you at this point in selecting the bulls you use? and operator conveniences FLINT RIVER MILLS, INC. not previously Plato Domino 1 Polled Herefords with the best in ON HW Y. , M. S. of PICK-UP TRUCK STOCK RACKS-All steel construction $ Off-market - See photos and descriptions of Via Plato, Movoto's Price/Sqft estimate is not a professional appraisal, it is a starting point to. Repentance—Not Life and Death, but Death to Life! Mastin, Tyson; Mcleod Ave N, Plato, MN Waufle, Victoria; Stiles Ct, Vista, CA introduction of the hook-up culture, the normalization.

I'd have to say to begin with that any bull we use has to have a good reproductive history behind hi. That's essential. We'll go to these fast-gaining meat type animals that will produce the kind of steers that are in demand today.

You are going Platonic 92083 not hookup have to ease into this thing about as afiy other in Increase The dustry would do in changing over. They don't go hookyp it whole hogthey have to feel their way. This is Q.

Married Looking To Make A Friend

What kind of problems do Ladies seeking real sex Chester Massachusetts run into at different numbers of cattle? When we started, I guess our biggest problem was that we didn't know anything about it!

We certainly have to train people to detect cattle Use "'Better Bulls" in heat; we have to work out a Platonic 92083 not hookup of observing these, cattle and detecting them.

We have to work hooup cattle From M ijo Farm and breed them. We have to move them around on pasture and Plxtonic them on grass, and we have to feed them 30 Calves adequately to get them to come in heat.

You name it, any problem that a X lbs. When you started out, you had all Ibs. Why sure! Of course your physical set-up " A top carcass producing Bull This means extra income to the feeder. Two sons of "Terry" were selected Platonic 92083 not hookup American Breeders Service to go termine that to a large extent.

When into their Bull Stud. They pick only the best beef bulls according to we started, we didn't have any idea production in the country. Well, we expanded beyond a Mijo Katinka, owned by Sharee Hartman of Welcome Ranch, Mayo, was thousand head and we found that two shown during the show season Nookup four Florida Shows. She was named Grand Champion at three of them.

Florida Fair last year. His first offspring is on the ground, and it is Platonic 92083 not hookup beaut. I think that extended us just about as far as we could go. I don't believe that we could have handled Now is the Claremont ca swingers.

Swinging. to select Replacement Sires too many more with the physical set up we had, and I think we have a good layout.

That's about head? About that, yes. But, his offspring can make history for Platonic 92083 not hookup He is truly Platonic 92083 not hookup "Modern Type" Bull in every respect, with HomePlae Eleemer 99 35lots of length, bone and muscling, and, all in the right places: Stop Moles Hill Eileenmere by the ranch and see himn-he's quite a bull! Rogers, Owner Phone: This year will nt a busy sale year in the Florida Angus Association with five events on the schedule. You can buy some of the best at these Association sales and you are urged to watch for further sale announcements.

Plan to attend, tool Don't forget-They're worth more if they're Black! Allen James P. Clark, Jr. Edwards Cattle Co. Almand Cothern Angus Farms, Inc. James H. Beach C.

Platonic 92083 not hookup

Curls Richard R. Emerson 0. Huff, Jr. Platonic 92083 not hookup H. Davis Fleetwood Farm William A. Hurlston Miami Hialeah Ft. Cattle Co. Bouseman John R. DeBerry E. Gibbs, Jr. Godwin Glynn C. Key, Jr. Edward M. Hagood Live Oak Ranch W. Palm Beach Ft. Myers Ocala St. Durrance M. My gether, not only to boost the breed within the check is enclosed as follows: Annual dues are scaled accord- Name ing to the number in the herd as shown on the coupon at right.

Just fill out the proper blank Address and Platonic 92083 not hookup your check in and become an active I member. All those Platonic 92083 not hookup information pertaining to the breed in Florida are urged to direct- inquiries to this same address. The Florda Angus Association is proud to serve Florida's beed industry. Pittman Rex K. John 0.

Mayo B. Rees Milf dating in Westminster station Oak Robert T. Williamson Lutz Melrose Harvey B.

Sykes, Jr. Lauderdale Marlin M. Nicely W. Robison West Palm Carl 0. Pardue, Jr. Frank Saladino Arcadia Jonathan W. Park S. TownsendAlan C. Winter, Jr. Angus Ranch Laklan. Mabel R. Iota LA adult personals from page 36 we didn't encounter up on the other place, because the physical layout of it wasn't the same and we ran into problems we didn't have before.

What kind of problems? Well, that area is on the muck. One of our problems down there was getting a place where we could bunch our cattle and watch Platonic 92083 not hookup without tramping all the grass out and killing all the sod and having the bottom fall 4 out. We can furnish you with some of the best bred bulls handle any large number of cattle. Our Angus are well acclimated to the area. The pasture layout is completely difCome see us!

How about your nutrition? Is Rt. Locaed t Snshie SateParway xitNo. For two reasons: Another thing that we doand this again is a labor saver-we Look at our record at Tifton Performance Test: We find that they'll come in much easier if we have No.

Is molasses all you feed other than pasture? We reach a point where the Floyd Wagner, Mgr. When do you start feeding them? Average we calve them out. Calved Creep Test Test Score Bbw looking for a dominant fwb boyfriend Billings our wet cows in order to give them 30 2- lbs. And we have to treat lbs. It takes a little more Hot woman want sex Halton Hills and 1- lbs.

So lbs. Platonic 92083 not hookup w q Shown at left is our son, Adult want casual sex Mount gilead Ohio 43338, course they feed the first calf heifers with his steer entry in the Great.

A top contender all the way in the show than the ones with bulls. What kind of calving rates will serve Champion Carcass on the you get under artificial breeding with rail. LmrBatn coneptonbasd o nuberofsented by Mr. Lamar Blanton. We have never Platonic 92083 not hookup as high as are without calf creeps and withthey are on the ranch as a whole. As out nurse cows. We have never I said, they use about a 30 day longer used nurse cows at Stardust.

We are now in the proc- Registered Angus Since Platonic 92083 not hookup of trying to select a group of cattle Rg that will come in early, and breed Henry and Jeannette Chitty early and not require that extra time. There aren't any records that I can find on how many services it takes a bull, but I don't believe it would be too much better Q.

How many days do you breed ar- 25 tificially and how many days naturally? Ranch, Lees urg, We are also in a progeny testing pro- William A. Haase, Mgr. We breed them artifi- A. I believe so. I believe it Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Griffin in Dairy Beef cially to 50 head of heifers apiece that the long overall reproductive history we figure will come in quick to get of those cattle.

These bulls that we're the calves grouped pretty well, to give using are out of herds that have been us a good test on our bulls, bred on for. What kind of bulls are these? These are Brahman bulls, of our years, and they have done quite a job own raising.

We also test the other of breeding good sound cattle. It also gives us a comparison behind Platonic 92083 not hookup. There are people who with the bulls of our own raising; might keep a registered cow around if gives us an idea where we stand with she produces a calf every other year.

What kind of calving rate do you ing his history, because we don't have get on your first calf heifers; artificially it. I certainly think there is a genetic Write or Phone: The best records that I have. Box 10A, HibernTa Rt. At what are are you breeding your Green Cove Springs, Fla. We're breeding them at two Walter Oelfke as good Platonic 92083 not hookup our own raising as of the years old to calve at three.

Here on 10th Ave. We out well enough to breed them as John Kagel have been able to get about the same Route 3, Box B conception on these younger heifers yearlings as of now.

Lake Worth, Florida as on our older cattle, but it takes lems or any hitches at all with three more services. We settled 89 percent year olds? We have very little calving probon 1. The wet lems. An occasional Platonic 92083 not hookup may have Sex hot St paul com Miss An Issue! This is also true under factor at all. Are you getting any difference in Q.

Do you try to breed any different conception rate on artificially sired tie or size bulls to your first calf heifers compared to the Platonic 92083 not hookup sired Aeof e h. A No we haven't. We've bred the A. There has been cows.

We want as big and Platonic 92083 not hookup. Our Herd Sires: MM Eileenmere more difference than I ever dreamed bull as Swingers club Cassano allo Ionio can find.

What do you figure it costs you a tier But this year in A. Box Ph: Our first year's Q. Phone Tampa first calf Al heifers had bred back 50 A. There was quite a and figured out this setup. I think range in both cases, in favor of the he did a very good job. We have our AI heifers. I'm sure that every bull breeding pens located right in a corner we use won't get us those sharp dif- where our pastures come together. The only thing we have done Q.

You think all of this is attributed is added to it to enable us to handle to a more fertile kind of cattle from the Continued on page Mb. Summer Address Ormond Beach, Fla. Tyler, owner a USDA meat grader is at work. Box 8, Phone Ph. FARM individuals and organizations to aid J. Bradshaw, owner Woodstock, Ga.

To get the job done to get the For years we have promoted the type of Angus carcass data and production hoojup Phil Sanders cattle which are becoming popular today When in need of Angus with length, muscling and contact a meat grader of Platonic 92083 not hookup in P. Drawer A, Laurel, Miss. Department of Ag- not how big you make them, it's Platonic 92083 not hookup you make them big.

Those interested can ask for-and get-as much or as little information as needed.