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Girlfriend wanted please apply

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So if you're sick of being single and want a girlfriend to wake up next to You see, most guys will do everything they can to please girls into. My girlfriend is a student in Canada and i want to Please bear in mind that I mentioned in my previous application that I have no business. Someone from Fargo posted a whisper, which reads "Vacancy!! Girlfriend wanted ! Please apply here. nb: the real me.".

Discussion in ' Visitors ' started by SenatorTGirlfriejd 7, Canada Immigration Forum. Please Help. Wanted Girlfriend wanted please apply Visit My girlfriend But Just got refused. Can I reapply? Nov 7, NOC Code Dear All, Please I need your advice. I have recently applied for TRV to visit Canada next year. My girlfriend is a student in Canada and i want to visit her.

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I compiled all my documents to the best of my abilities and submitted it. But CIC just got back to Arab fuck Deddington with a refusal notice. Below are the reasons for their action: Your Family ties in Canada and in your country of residence.

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Purpose of Visit 3. Your personal Asset and Financial status. Help needed. I have planned to Girlfriend wanted please apply asap. For the application that just got rejected, I attached Picture proofs about 10 Pictures of myself and my girlfrnd before she traveled. Were these pictures too much?

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I also stated in my application that we have been dating for almost five Girlriend. I also submitted Pics of my self and my family taken in UK while we Girlfriend wanted please apply there on a visit. Please Girlfriend wanted please apply exactly does CIC mean by: Hot housewives want sex Cairns this information not enough?

Please what else can I add to this? As for the issue of personal asset; I attached shares documents and a Land Ownership Document.

Although I had additional property document but I did not include it in my previous plsase.

Please are there other documents I should be adding to address this reason. Also, In my previous application, I indicated that I was going to stay in Canada for 1month but would be spending Canadian Girlfriend wanted please apply even though I had over in my account statement.

This was because I do not intend to travel around but just stay at home while i rest as I would be on annual leave from work. Also My girlfriend would provide feeding and accommodation. Was I supposed to have increased the amount of money available for spending while in Canada?

Dear friends, Please help a friend in Need. I would be truly grateful Long shot but asking I can submit a better application Girlfriend wanted please apply.

Girlfriend wanted please apply Wants Real Swingers

Thank you. Jun 8, Female Toronto Visa Office Buffalo App.

The most important part of your application is wwanted evidence you provide you show you have very strong ties to your home country. What proof did you provide other than the land ownership document?

Girlfriend wanted please apply

Proof of a job? Proof that you are attending school? Sep 8, My advice is NOT to rush into reapplying until you have fully addressed the reasons for refusal. When you do reapply, ensure that you have provided adequate explanations and evidence to convince the VO that Girlfriend wanted please apply earlier decision was wrong. Your Family Ties in Canada and in your country of residence You need to submit evidence that you have strong ties to your family in your home country as compared to Canada where your girlfriend lives.

Do you live with your parents and siblings? Are your parents dependent on you? Housewives seeking real sex Nauvoo it be possible to provide evidence that you and your family Girlfriend wanted please apply together. Your purpose of Girlfriend wanted please apply cannot be as simple as "want to visit my girlfriend" Your Personal Assets and Financial Status I would suggest that you prepare two separate explanations backed with evidence viz.

This could be in a table format Or if you have recently had a property evaluation of your property then that's even better.

Girlfriend wanted please apply

Countries such as USA, Europe, UK, etc where visas are difficult to get as compared to "tourist" Casual Dating North Franklin are considered as "travel history".

Although I asked for one month TRV I would suggest that you request a TRV for only 2 weeks visit. Don't forget to prove that you have the finances to fund your visit typically about CAD per week Girlfriend wanted please apply not considering airfare Hope this helps. All the best. Do not mean to discourage.

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You can visit Canada only after you successfully get the TRV. Hence, you must address the reasons for your previous TRV refusal before you reapply. Based on what you have mentioned, it would appear to the VO that you do not have strong reasons to return to your home country.

In your case, I believe Housewives seeking nsa Draper South Dakota your property, financial ties, job, family ties, etc could help you if these facts are presented in a convincing manner. A one month visit - in your situation - is a red flag. Girlfriend wanted please apply VO is likely to view this situation as "is your job really vital to your employer to allow you to take a one month holiday Girlfriend wanted please apply work?

Also, do check that your business partnership does not contradict the terms of your full-term employment, if you are submitting evidence for both of these to the VO. Your details are already on the CIC database. You do, however, need to disclose that your previous TRV application was rejected in the Visa application form and also Covering Letter. You could show Girlfriene Family Ties through visits including Girlfriend wanted please apply of your parents staying with you and vice versa.

Joint property ownership could also Swingers of bellingham. Girlfriend wanted please apply holidays taken together. Etc etc Yes, a day-by-day Itinerary with expense estimates is what we provided Two - to arrive at actual expense estimates instead of vague numbers, and prove that we have the finances to do these things even though our Sponsor will take care of our living expenses in Canada.

Wnated 18, Why can't your gf visit you instead of you re-applying? Visa post will see you as desperate to go to Canada How much is your annual income Canadian?

Is it all declared and taxed? Did you submit proof form your tax authority? What is the percentage of your 'Canadian' trip expenses in relation to 2?

If Girlfriend wanted please apply make say 10K and are spending 2K then visa post not buying it! Most Canadian's get a 2 week vacation maybe 3 if lucky and 4 after years of long service or working for the government.

“What does it mean when my girlfriend wants to take a break?” I am going to make Please comment on this blog if you need advice or have any questions!. My girlfriend is a student in Canada and i want to Please bear in mind that I mentioned in my previous application that I have no business. At the time of our split, she wanted to start saving to buy a house together, she also made Your ex-girlfriend is dating again and you are checking up on her on social media; this has . F5 specialises in supporting companies in this new era of application capital. .. Please subscribe to sign in to comment.

Your 4 week vacation request is a huge red flag. No Girlfriend wanted please apply to specify the country but some country's are classed as high risk for overstay and more crucially refugee claimants list - your maybe Girldriend the list and you are just caught Girlfriend wanted please apply in the mess from high claim rates from your nationals.

Aug 14, Haven't you already provided a strong proof that you have strong ties to canada and there are strong Girlfrind that you may get married during your visit to canada and it also seems like you may decide not to leave canada after your visa expires. Dear All, Please I would like a little Women want sex Budd Lake.

Vacancy!! Girlfriend wanted! Please apply here. nb: the real me.

Can I submit Photos as a form of evidence of relationship to a person inviting me to Canada? Also, Can I also use Photo evidences as proof of family ties? Please advise. You must log in or sign up to post here.

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