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Cute girl on 8pm Wilmington Delaware si bound I Am Searching Men

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Cute girl on 8pm Wilmington Delaware si bound

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I dig creativity, expression and knowledge just as much as I Delawre neatness, formalities and proper grammar. If it ends up turning into a relationship, then fine but not putting pressure on it.

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View Full Version: Streetwalker Reports.

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Tried to make eye contact but she wasn't paying attention. Either the pimp or the local Pharma rep was across the street holding an open air market. So I didn't push my luck. Guess it is out there if one is Cute girl on 8pm Wilmington Delaware si bound the right places at the right Women want nsa Sunbury Carry on. Hello, fellow mongers. Then later on 9 by the McD's, spotted 2 different WSWs again, one on driveway behind gas station and 8mp along 9.

Did spot a few ULE driving no, so watch out, but the activity is picking up.

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All that I spotted looked at least 5's from looks. I'm new here, relocated from Boston.

cute girl on 8pm Wilmington Delaware si bound

Money is tight these days so I haven't cruised at all these first 2 months. I did see a well dressed 30 something black woman on 4th Street near harrison yesterday Cute girl on 8pm Wilmington Delaware si bound.

I thought she was waiting at the bus stop but she walked ahead Ladies want nsa PA California 15419 looked at the oncoming cars.

Not sure. She looked kinda clean to be a SW in that hood? You can but I wouldn't recommend it. Stay strapped on these Wilmington streets, and you won't have the need to have a good doctor on speed dial.

There is a girl out front of haks each night dark hair about shoulder length, anyone know anything about her? Should be very careful! LE used to do stings there. Bouncers at Haks used to Delawwre parking lot. Will admit haven't been there in a while though so could be Chatroulette version adult but still would be careful.

Met a nice new SW, Amber, early 20s, off of rt. Says she is not out there much, likes to be UTR and operate w digits. She's dirty blond. Very personable. A bit mechanical, but a good time nontheless.

Did you get info on her contact wise? You can pm me if so, thanks. Haven't had cruising money since I moved to Wilmington but I have a little today. Not sure where I will head in the snow. Would love to find a girl who has a safe place to go.

A mother who needs some food perhaps.

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Maybe I should hang at shop-rite and see what comes up. Any other new streets or finds in town? Drove down Rt. Went in the store to get a closer look and then asked her if she needed a ride. She got in said she was working and talked about where to go.

Settled on a parking lot in a shopping center for a too quick BJ. Took her time and Wilmingfon technique. Catch and release. Gave her 30 and asked how much for everything and she said Decent looking, I think she may have been missing a few teeth, but a nice body and great rack with incredible nipples.

Atl if that is the same Laura I am thinking if she is very nice. She does have a great set of tits.

I had full service with her once and it was good. We actually went to her Wilmihgton wilhich was up off of rt 9 near the city.

I think she has moved since. I did have her number, but as you all know they don't keep up on he phone bill. If you have a number for her please pm me. I would love tomreconnect with her. Thanks Ruger.

Cute girl on 8pm Wilmington Delaware si bound

Thanks RugerPM coming your way. By the looks of those tit what was she 90?

Drove down rt. Settled on a parking lot in a shopping center for Cute girl on 8pm Wilmington Delaware si bound too quick bj. Decent looking, i think she may have been missing a few teeth, but a nice body and great rack with incredible nipples. Well I'm having a hard time getting motivated to check out the wilmington stroll. I'm a boston veteran and I've never had any problems, but wilmington is def a different territory.

It is getting very cold next few days. Bad for strolling, unless a chick is freezing and needs a ride. Anywhere besides rt. Thanks guys. Any digits for Amber would be appreciated. I have some business to take care of Lonely lady looking sex tonight Sycamore Wilmington on Tuesday and I am looking to have some fun afterward. I will be on Route 7.

After reading through some Wilmington posts, I see that 4, 9, and 13 are good hits. Does anyone have a specific route that will cover all four of those roads?

I am looking to spend at least a couple of hours down in DE so if I can find one or more if time permits SWs, that would be good. Also, if anyone has a number of a SW I would appreciate it. Wilmington is dead? I'm new to the area and not as comfortable on the prowl as I was in boston. You guys have to be getting something somewhere! Winter is always a hard season. You must collect your nuts during the harvesting period, spring, summer and fall. Seriously, I have found Cute girl on 8pm Wilmington Delaware si bound SW activity very slow this winter, more slow than in the past.

Check BP unless you need the adrinline rush. Nothing against the adrinline rush of the SW activity.

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After I posted about Laura I got a deluge of private messages asking for digits. Some from names I recognized and others I have no clue who the hell they are. Delawrae

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I did give the 8m but have yet to see anything posted about her. Either everyone is too shy to share or she dropped off the grid. Do your part to keep this board alive. I feel you ATL.

Wilmngton However, please understand that people have lives outside of this forum. You gave me that info and I definitely appreciate that. I live in PA and the only real chance I would have to make it down to Wilmington would be on weekends.

8pj have her number and will definitely call when I get a chance. If I miss her, that would be my loss. I cannot speak for anyone else. Be safe. Yo, Wilm.

Streetwalker Reports [Archive] - USASexGuide

Is not dead. But this city has never been known for quality. Plenty of BSW east of market st. And throughout the hood areas. Found them a.