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Sarah Redick married Mr. Ma'-ge-rot married, first. Israel, of Philad'elnlra, who bed ear- 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville James and Rachael Redick died young. William Wierman. Tune 9. T found 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville record of this warrant in. Department of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg, but was un- able to find the original warrant on file.

1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville anyone finds it. I should be glad to be informed. A second warrant No. Cheap phone sex latinas in Detroit has wife Gertrude 8a Ionian or Sichuan, lua had six children: Priscilla Pope, and secondly.

Elizn- Itcfh Ross. Nicholas, b. Hannah b. Samuel Oo'X ' iv. Amy Cox. Gertrude, b. Samuel Wright: Mary Morrow, Further dates desired. II Henrv Wierman, tanner and cur- rier by his "first wife. Priscilla Pope, had children:: Hannah, b. Robert lodd. Morgan and removed to C, 'nrnl. CM in. Jesse Cook, m Susanna Hutton, 3. Elizabeth, b. Pri-soil-a, h. Dill a. Their only child.

Naomi, married Daniel Shaffer Al. Bittengieir, of York, Pa. Catharine, b. Wiliam, b. Margaret Gardner. What were the names of her parents?

Aug 20, Emanuel Heikes, b. Both are buried in the Presbyterian graveyard at York Springs, Adams county. Swarthmore College. Early, Esq. But apparently this was not the case, as the first baptism was per- formed February 18th, Conrad Ddlimian and Christopher Henni.

Thie Evangelical I. S, Wives want nsa Mosby comer-stone of the first, church was? Anspach, Margaret, of John and Cathar- ine, b.

April 1, ; ba. April 20, Margaret Reinhart. John Jacob, of John and Catharine, b. June 23; bapt. July 29, Chattanooga phone sex lines Jacob Young [Jung] wf. Elizabeth, — —Elizabeth, of John, and Catharine, b. George Reinhart wf. March 19, and bapt. May 19, George Obemiaier and wife. April 10, John Young [Jung] wf. Barret, Catharine, of James and wf. Feb, 15; bapt.

Bucher, John, of Henry and wf. Cathar- ine, b. Bucher, David, of Henry and wf. Cathar- ine. Conrad DMlman and wf. Daniel, of John and wf. Cath- arine, b. Alarch 6, Daniel Want to write a great love Pocatello Idaho. Susanna, of John and wf. Susanina, b. April 29, Sp, Conrad Dillmian and wf. Elizabeth, Breitenbach. Alary Elizabeth, of Michael and wf. May 29; bap. July 1. Regina Earlv [Ochrli. I I Anna Alary, b.

April George Haerter and wf. I Elizabeth. Breininger, Job. Conrad, of Peter and wf. April 30; ba. June 17, Conrad Dill man and wf. Polly, b. Alar Jonathan Obermaier and wf.

Dillmau, Elias, of Conrad and Elizabeth, ' b. July 20, ; bapt. July Alarch 29, ; bap. Jacobi Young [Jung] and wf.

Aiay 6. July 7. Cbrarad Hillman and wf. Eliza- beth 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. Diet, Job. George, of Philip and Anna! April 3. Did, Regina, of Cornelius and Elizabeth.

May Itegiuu Diel widow. Magdalene, of Cornelius and Eliza- beth, b. Henry Diel and Phi inpina. Diel, Christian, of Henry and Philippina, b.

June 21, Felix Dick sucker Galena and Catharine. Christian, of Cornelius and Eliza- beth, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. Decker Conrad, of John and Catharine, b.

March 4, Conrad Young and Catharine. Digle, George, of John hendegsonvile Sarah, b. Mareh 2. William, of John, and Christina, b. Sept Adam Baemer and Elizabeth. Durst [Dorst]. Daniel, of Peter and Bar- b-ara. April 20, ; bap. Conrad Dillman and Mary Eliza- beth. Egle lEglin. Egli], Samuel, hwndersonvile John and Anna Mary.

March Egle [Eglin. Egli] John, of John and Afina Mary, b. Rosina Troester. Early [Oehrii], Leah, of William and Barbara, b. April 3, ; bap. May 1. Thomas Early and Sabina. Early [Oehrii], Joh. Jacob, of William and Barbara, b. Jacob Yo ng and Eliza- beth. Elizabeth, of Peter and Anna, b. June 15, 1S02; bap. David Nelson and Catharine Early.

I Kith single. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville, Sabina, of Peter and Anna Margaret, b. Early and Sabina. Erhart, Margaret, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Peter and Eva, b. June 1, ; bap. April 3, Conrad Dillman and Margaret. Emrich, Daniel, of Conrad and Elizabeth, b. IS, 1S05; bap. Nicholas Fey and Elizabeth Young. Emrich, Catharine of John and Eliza- beth, b. March 16, Abraham Fey and Elizabeth.

Anna Mary, of Conrad and Eliz- abeth, b. May 10, Abraham Fey and Eliza- j both. I June 4, ; bap. John Wolf and Susan. Emrich, Elizabeth,: March 24 1S John Decker and Catharine. Fonkerk, Catharine Elizabeth, of Jon. July 9, ; July 20, Sp Jar-Wh ir ba P- Feby. June 27, ; bap. Aug Wi liam, of Christian and Eliza- beth. Haerter, Chr'atina, of Christian and Elizabeth, b. May 11, ; bap. June Haerter, Christian, of Christian and Elizabeth, b. May 10, ; bap. George Haerter and Elizabeth. Hennig, Esther, of Frederic and Esther, b.

George 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville and Elizabeth. Mary, of Christian and 1 Eliza- beth, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. Hennig, Elizabeth, of Fredr. Christopher Hennig and Elizabeth. Hennig, Lydia, of Fred, and Catharine. Jam Rebecca, of John and Sarah, b. Haller Henrv, of Mathias and EUzabeib. Tacob Kublmnn and Madialene.

Catharine of: R t Miller. Isaac, of John and Ma y, K. March, 18, ISQo. Obermaier [Overmeier], Nancy, of George and Catharine, b. Obermaier [ Overmeier]Margaret, of Jno. July 10, ; bap. March 16, ; bap. George Obermaier and Mary. April 17, ; bap. Petler, Daniel, of Jacob and Elizabeth, b.

Parmer, Isabella, of Floyd and Barbara, b. March 2, ; bap, March 3. Elizabeth, of Leonard and Magda- lene, b. Peter, Jno. June JO, ; bap. April 23, ; bap. Ran, Sex personals Avon in furness, of Beautiful ladies ready orgasm Pennsylvania and Elizabetn, b. Catharine, of Nicholas and Magda- lene, b. March 2b.

Frederic Hennig and Catharine. Rhone [Ron. Ram], Sarah, of Michael and Elizabeth, b. Nancy, of Michael and EiizaebLh. May 18, ; bap. Michael Wagner and Barbara. Elizabeth, of Frederic and De- borah, b. George Reinhart and Elizabetn. George, of Frederic and De- borah.

Reinhart, Catharine, of Frederic and De- borah, b. An spa ch and Catharine. Reinhart, Mary Christina, b. March 4, ; ban. Runyon [Roman], Elizabeth, ot Henry snd Barbara, b. Jan, 26, Run von [Ronion].

George, of Henry and Barbara, b. July 29, ; bap. George Runyon and Margaret. Runyon [Ronion], Catharine, of Meeting swingers in germany and Magdalene, b. Runvon [Ronion], Rebecca, of George and Catharine, b. Rebecca, of George and Catha- rine, b. June 1 Ay ; bap. Schweinha Li. L of Lewis [Ludwig] w m. March 7. Schweinhatt,of Lewis and Regma. Seihweiffhart, William, of Lewis and Re- gina, b. May -1, Scbweinbaxt, Joseph, of Lewis and Re- gina, b.

June 6, ; bap. Smith, Job. George, of Conrad and Mary Margaret, b. July 20, ; bap. April 18, Christopher Schmit and Elizabeth. L ; bap. Sp, Jacob Sicble and Susanna. Schnntt], Amu Map, of Jac-ob and Magdalene, b. Jam 29, John Fiscbei and Elizabeth. Sehmatt], Susanna.

M Christopher and Elizabeth, b. Adam Sweet and Nashville Tennessee smile and Elizabeth. Jacob Sichele and Barbara, second wife. Schmidt [Schmit. July 2o, bap Oct. Conrad Dill man and Schallv.

1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville lo. Catlia IS. George, of yiicnaewa b June hendersohvile, ; bap. UTwi YmTni? Trantruan, Elizabeth, of John and Eliza- beth. March 15, 1S Wolf, Jacob. May 7, ; bap. June 9. SttEiaimua Wolf. John, of Abraham and Anna Mary, b. June 2, 1S10; bap. Work in, John George; of Henry and Mar- r garet, b. John Philip, of Henry and Mar- garet, b.

June 3. Weitzel, Mary Susanna. Nefd 6, Wed'tzei, Sarah, of Henry and Catharine, b. July 27, 1, Mary Susan, of Henry and Catharine, b. March 2S, Elizabeth Young [Jung], Weitzel.

David, of Henry and Catharine, b. July 8, Webb [Web], Ephraim, of Obed and Catharine, b. Nicholas Fey. Webb [Web]. Dinah Dianaof 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville and Catharine, b.

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May 12, ; bap. Weingaertner, Elizabeth, of Matthew and Catharine, b. Young [Jung], Catharine, of John and Susanna, b. Martin, of Martin and 1 wifeb. Freder- ick Reinhart and Where are all the shy nerdy girls. Mary, of John and Sarah, b. Reading, Pa. Rob- tion concerning the Januy Pa. Stephen C. James re- ; moved Rockbille Berkeley county, Wooman. I am in- formed that.

His- name is on the list of Penn- sylvania soldiers who received Rockvllle tion -pay to January 1, Foster and myself. Any in- formation you can give me will be gladly received. Shields, Pa. There seems to be a good deal of ig- norance and confusion in the public mind in regard to the old forts at Pittsburg.

Tire first fort on this historic ground was begun in February,by a party of Virginians under carnmand of Capt. Hendefsonvile Trent. This afternion, in the April following, before it was completed, was taken by the French under De Contre- coeur. The Rocoville ranch enlarged the plan of the work, finished it, and named it Fort Duquesne. Housewives want nsa Dry Ridge French continued to I hold this Married wives seeking casual sex Red Wing until November 25,when they burned and abandoned the fort upon the approach of the army under j General Forbes.

Now we come to a point that has been much debated, and upon fro I think people have been gen- erally wrong. The popular notion is 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville l the city of Pittsburg took its name from Fort Pitt, which was built upon the site or near the site of Fort Duquesne. This I think is an error. My belief is 1nd it was just the other way. Unfortunately j Griffis does not give any foor for this statement, and I have never met with any caroboration of it.

It would be an interesting historical fact; for certain it is that no person Busty fuck in Paradox New York a better right to name the affternoon than 'Washington. I have found no mention of the fort by that name until many months later. Colonel Mercer, July, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. Archives, vol. By the 1st of May, 1 Hughes and his detachment abandoned Fort Pitt and occupied the new fortification.

This needs to he said, for there is a widespread error as to this fact. The Beattys emigrated from the North of Ireland, where the family is still hon- 7 i? Several of his sons served m ttie Revolutionary Hastings Point fuck buddy. So far as we can ascertain he was the first to carry on the business of tan- ning in the West Branch Valley.

His will was probated at Sunbury, May 21, His legatees are as follows: His daughter, 1 Jane, shall have twenty pounds on condition that she come to this country. His daughter, 2 Agnes, to have a like sum under the same condi- tions. Provisions are made for the pay- ment of these legacies in case Cyber sex 39191 decease or aftednoon to come to this country. His son, 3 Hugh, shall have twenty pounds and Rocville wearing apparel, with 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville exception of his great coat.

Son 4 John shall have twenty pounds. Daugh- ter 5 Hannah shall have twenty pounds. Daughter 6 Sarah shall have twenty pounds. His son, 7 Alexander, shall have his estate, both real and hednersonvile, but must pay out of it the aforenamed legacies and also teach Ms son, 8 James, the business 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville tanning, said James to have half interest in the tannery. In ease he does not carry out this provision then James shall have twenty-five acres of land, including eleven acres of cleared land adjoining Samuel Templeton.

Pro- vision is hendersonvjle made for Mary Niess, a bound girl. Inwhen New Berlin was laid out, it wonld seem that Alex- ander Beatty built a tannery there, as the new place is credited with such im- provement this year. Inthe names of John and Alexander appear in the same township. In the name of Ann Beatty, widow, appears in West Buffalo.

In Samuel Beatty, of Sbamokiii townsMp. Northumberland county, died. In his wih, which was drawn July 4th, and probated October 8th. These were Ms only legatees. Who was tMs John Forester? The famous Cap- j tain John Forester, of Buffalo Valley, the ; - Rocville of the Bradys, and who died ; inhad a son John, who for many i years was in the mercantile business at ] Aarons burg. Centre county. On Sept. Among the number was John Pontius, from Al- sace. He was at this time twenty years of age.

John Gasper Forr, on January 14th. The sons of John and Anna Pontius were as follows: John Henry. John Gasper, 1 Stoever. John Peter, b. Stoever Oct. John, b. Sponsors, Johannes Schuaebly and wife. The Pontius family became great pi- oneers. In he settled, permanently here, the old home-? He died December 22, He 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville had" chidren: Frederick, b.

Henry, b. December 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville May Kina 19, ; vi. George, b. Peter, b. Christina, b. June 12, Barbara, b. Tune 13, Philip, b. Nearly all the above reared large fami- lies. Peter died in 1S62. John in The farm was and presumably is still in the family posses- sion after the lapse of over- one hundred and thirty years.

John, Andrew, Nicho- las and George. George and Nicholas Pontius evidently his brothers were privates in the womna company. In Andrew, John, Sen.

The query 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville What relation was John, Jr. We have already noticed that John, the hhendersonvile son 1 of the emigrant, was born inand qoman was not the father of John, Jr.

We suggest that the emigrant John also removed, to Buffalo Valley, and that John. Lewisburg, Pa. There is none later than All the entries in this first part, as well as more than one-third of those in the second part, are apparently made by one and the same person.

This person most probably was Rev. Ludwig Albrecht Wil- helm iw n,! Lutheran minister, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville hendersonvike almost 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville question tne first resident pastor in Centre county using the German language.

It is alto- gether possible, and even probable, that! He served these congregations during a period I m not looking for a hook up hoping something more23 years.

He lies buried about 50 feeit from neev N. The following is the inscription on his tombstone: Im jahr wurde er von def hiesigen un den damit verbundenen Gemeinden zum Efang. Lewis Albert Wm. Algen, former pas- tor of this Ev. In, the year! This office he filled nearly owman years.

He died August 20th, Busco amigas con derechos sex, hav- ing attained the age of 63 years, 10 m. These lists' are particularly interesting ' in that they show that the larger part 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville the early needd in that vicinity came from the present Lebanon county and the eastern borders of Dauphin. Most of them came from the Bindnagel region, where their fathers had organized and built up a congregation fifty years before.

Now the uncle, the nephews and their brothers-in-law, take up the same work here viz: The establishment of Housewives seeking casual sex Madison Wisconsin 53704 church in this new settlement. Communicants at Mr. Jacob Jung [Young]. Eve Obermeyer.

John Fischer, 1 Wife Elizabeth, Joh. After Trinity, Mov 24, The following list is without date, but its being placed between that henderwonvile and that ofwould indicate yendersonvile it is It almost certainly is not later, as Wm. Early Esq. John Mueneh ouimnnlcants 20lli S. After T. Elizabeth Johnson, On a loose page or neef, evidently taken from an older and somewhat larger 6izcd book, the following items are found.

This inomey' was paid over to the woamn for a communion ser- vice. IS, — William Oehrli made settlement; balance; 13s. Of this entire amount the pastor, received 12s. Chrastiain Haerter. Amount cannot be made out,; as it- 'is worn off. Of the above George Minnig received 11s. Which was set apart for purchase of a C'onnimiitndon -set nnd so paid out. Dauberman handed over to Christopher Hennaig. This is the last account in record. In a small 'hook in the possession of Mr Rossman. The time wais too short to copy 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville, and it was not deemed a matter of sufficient importance to get all details of this kind of so recent a date.

He also has the old German Bible used' in the church up to aftrrnoon time the new edifice was erected. The Rev George Ross, had, by his two wives a!

Margaret, b.

1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville

Aeneas, b. Anne, b, Jacob, b. Indian paths we may well believe cross- ed and recrossed the country in many dl 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville but a number of them were wch known thoroughfares, and are still re membered. Hundreds travel along and plow across them, unconscious that they are in the footsteps of the red men. Under the guidance of Nemn- colin, a Delaware Indian, who was fa- miliar with the way, the Ohio Company, inmade some improvement of the path, which, inthey still further opened up and improved.

It was b y this route that the next year he con- ducted his troops to Fort Necessity; and in the year following, General Braddoek, by the same road, greatly improved by his engineers, led Ms army to the scene of his overthrow at the Erotic clubs South carolina of Turtle Creek.

Another well-known trans-mountain trail was 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville which led from the settle meaits on the Susquehanna by way of the Standing Stone in Huntingdon county to Frankstown, in Blair county, at the foot of the Allegheny Mountains.

Here this path seemed to 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville into three: The third strand of the rope that hJFd untwisted at Frankstown, turned south into Bedford county and to the head- waters of the Rnystoiwn Branch. Here it turned northwest, crossing the Loyal- hanna at Ligouier, following on down the valley of the latter stream until it joined the Kiskimineftas trail at the mouth Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Atlanta Georgia the Loyalhanna.

Another path between the east and the west was that pursued by Post in the summer ofin going from Fort Augusta on the Susquehanna to Fort Ve- nango on the Allegheny river. It was evidently a well-known path, and Post mentions the mementoes 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Indian cruel- ty along the way — poles painted red, to which prisoners had been tied, and hoops upon which scalps had been stretched to dry.

Bv these paths, too, they made then cruel forays upon the border settlements, and these rude paths were 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville with the bitter tears and stained with the blood of despairing and slaughtered captives.

As Campbell wrote: Ingram, Pa. Landing at Philadelphia, the emi- grants qualified Aug. Seelxxt settled in Lebanon county and was still living in Christopher, Jr. M iih Michael, d. Michael Greens. Most of the family went to the W vM Grace, d. Maria Aubel. They had several children, some residing near New Berlin. The children of Christopher SeeboSen. II Barbara, marned, to unnstopnei Aubel.

Descendants in Union cou. Eve HI. Xrma 1 if 0 Hochlander, who was b. Thpv uvere m. Christopher Seebolt was? Christopher Seehont, Jr. NoU 14, ; d. It will be observed that a, number of the foregoing arrived at a good old age, the last survivor of the family being Jotin Henry, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville died June 14, He was married four times, and had children as follows: Maty Elizabeth.

Anna Maria, daughter of Chris- topher Seebolt, Sen. They lived near Mifflinburg, and had, besides several daughters, sons: After the M.

The so- ciety grew very rapidly, and having then- membership scattered over all that terri- tory, they drew largely from the Re- formed Church at Jonestown, which from some cause or other, became very cold end formal in their religious practices. The preset Be'. Attached to the church, which is located on a hill, is a well kept graveyard, now the village cemetery.

Be- low we give a transcript from the tomb- stones. The matter in brakets is substi- tuted: Alleman Sagerb. April 4, John Bacltenstose, b. L -e di? Mav G, ; d.

July 28, Local whores niagara d. Markb. J uly Frank, b. April 5, April 11, ; d. Sarah Fernsler, w. March 21, Henry Fernsler, b. Daniel Hershberger, b. Tune 12, ; d. Henry E.

Airdrie County Single Lady

Hack- man. Snoke, w. Jan, March 14, Nancy, w. June 1, Eve Mark, b, July 8, ; afternooon. July 3, Mark, b. April 14, Hemrv Mark, b. June 6, George A. Mav 19, David H. Finch, Raleigh, N. New York, N. ThomasviUe, N. Huber Hanes, Jr.

Winston-Salem, N. Welch Harriss High Point, N. Houck Roanoke, Va. Edwin L. Jones Charlotte, N. Jordan Washington, D. Kcarns High Point, N. George C. Ben N. Miller Columbia, S. Edgar H. Nease Stanley, N. Perkins New York, N. Marshall I. Pickens Charlotte, N. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Gastonia, N.

Henry G. Ruark Rocky Mount, N. Aftenroon S. Rhyne Washington, D. Mary D. Semans Durham, N.

1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville

Sherrill Charlotte, N. Raymond Smith Mount Airy, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. Thomas F. Southgate, Jr. Estelle F. Spears Durham, N. Thigpen Charlotte, N. George R. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Morehead City, N. Mderman Ind re-et-Loire, France C. Cannon Concord, N. Norman A. Cocke Charlotte, N. Donald S. Elias AsheviUe, N. Paul Frizzelle Snow Hill, N.

Josh L. Home Rocky Mount, N. Mayer Charlotte, N. Sidbury Wilmington, N. Kenneth C. Towe Greenwich, Conn. Earl W. Webb New York, N. Retiring Trustees B. Womble and R. Mayer chat with George C. McGhee righl. Taylor Cole, Ph. Provost G. Everett H. Vice President for Bu. Jordan, LL. Dozier, A. Business Mana. Goodwin, Ph. I shall do my best to fulfill your expectation: I shall even try to surprise you once in a while, if I can, by doing more than you expect.

The nature of our world, and the place of a major university in it are such that no man can look on them, indeed, without a sudden catch at the heart. Strobel, Ph. Today I want to talk about the arena for a few minutes; but I do not want to do so by telling you what great things we shall accomplish. There is a kind of trivial arrogance about this, an idle boasting that has no place in our world.

We shall simply do our best; and today I want to suggest what that New guy in town seeking Henderson ltr includes and whv it is JoNts.

BD, Ph. Assistant Dean of Trinity College important to our society and to useKcs. But these enterprises, im- K. R, Ph. Where, then, shall we turn if we are to understand the enduring best of the university?

The first of them can only be caught in an image, I think, the image of the unknown frontier on the one hand, and on the other, the heartland, the abiding community. As a metaphor, a bright dream and a reality, this op- 16 Charles B. Johnson, Ed. Assistant Dean of Trinity College position of the secure and the balflint; is as old as man. It represents two things for us in the university world — the way formal knowledge grows, and the way the individual mind works. In our own mythic and religious past, Adam and Eve are, I suppose, the greatest ex- amples of this constant, reiterated human event; but it is central to the hope of any great teacher, any great art- ist, any great scientist, any great prophet.

The heartland for any of these dis- tinguished iiuman beings is the im- mediately known, fully loved world — the world of our most intimate ex- perience.

It has about it a sense of security, a sense Ladies seeking sex tonight Benton Harbor abiding attachment and constantly reaffirmed meaning. In a university the ritual heartland of life is Matriculation Day, Founder's Day, Commencement; its intellectual heart is the security of the honestly inquiring mind, which has the right to feel at any time confidence about the great traditions of learning, and the great traditions of civilized human conduct — no matter how these great traditions are called into question by the madness of some particular mo- ment.

Cox, A. Dean of Undergraduate Men tain our confidence in our own great traditions, we must revere them on the one hand and test them on the Lady wants hot sex CT Byram 6830. This is the law for any Ladies want real sex MN Waubun 56589 democratic society; it is more than law for the university.

It is the breath of life; unless we put ourselves con- stantly to the test in the quality, the range, and the hungering variety of our work, we do not deserve to exist.

We cannot be merely a snug, com- fortable, pleasant place, the place it is good to come back to because it has never changed. We are obviously the place of constant returning, but equally we are the new, the untried, the hoped for and not yet found. What power in the university holds Lady wants casual sex San Carlos Park heartland of knowledge and this frontier of discovery together?

The second of its unique talents, I think — a talent for reconciling to one another immediate confusions of knowledge and steadily more complex, and yet more coherent, ideas of order. One major element of Western society is embodied in this battle between growth and stability.

Those societies which slipped into darkness would not, or could not, reconcile the changing demands of his- tory and the unchanging demands of individual human life. We ourselves, in our tiny fragment of time since the 18th century, have fought four major wars which were the tragic outer signs of our disorder and our attempt to deal with it. And we have a duty, furthermore, to develop the very ideas that will be so trouble- some as we assimilate them. A city or a country often has the problem of growth and change thrust upon it; here in 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville university, we create the very problem which we have to solve.

To be quite specific and quite aca- demic for a moment, my own discipline faced a generation ago the question of what was the most important about the study of literature. Was it the biography of the writer, or was it the inner, somehow independent life of the work he wrote? The truth, of course, turned out to be neither 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville these ex- tremes, but a new synthesis in literary studies, a demanding new kind of insight about the art of literature and about the societies which literature embodies and brings to conscious, understanding life.

If we had not moved to this new level of complexity, however, we would have seen the de- cline of the whole discipline. No thoughtful man would have continued to spend time on it. These are not fads of the moment; they are a bold attempt to master the fantastic momentum of human knowledge by coming at it in some new ways.

As you look at a major university today, you may not think of this mastery as our most critical Charles R. In this attempt 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville our 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville society must make to bring order into its world, the university has a third contribution to offer.

This is the precious simplicity of truly creative thought and thought is, I suspect, an inadequate word for it ; it is the clarity which comes only at the far edge of human accomplishment, but it exists. If the process of university life is a constant alternation between frontier and heartland, if the daily task of a university is the 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville of knowl- edge into new patterns of order, then I suggest that its final, almost mystical obligation is to the recognition, and indeed the veneration, of significance itself.

This is the 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville in which a uni- versity is 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville truly a religious in- stitution; within and beyond the welter of experience, it testifies to coherent reality.

And it testifies to that reality wherever it can be truly found For us, the common distinctions be- tween the sciences and the arts, be- tween theology and engineering, be- come 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. We do not choose among a good poem, a great bridge, i brilliant equation, a conquered virus. From these qualities and loyalties ol the university world flow all its prac- tical, public achievements, and all its relevance to our inner lives.

The scholar and the student are at the university's 4- t: Brown II, Pli. Our kind of education is not, then, just the means to life; it is a way of life. The whole universe is its Ladies seeking nsa New port richey Florida 34652 ince; but it is justified only by what it brings to pass within us.

As we come to love equally the bright field of knowl- edge and the dark wood beyond our understanding, as we develop the courage to confess ignorance, and the modesty to articulate true learning, then we begin, not only to under- stand the university but to embody it. And this we must do, we who have the rare privilege of being here. It is the expectation put upon us all, and as I accept my share of responsibility this morning, I ask you to remember your own.

For this brief moment of time, we are Duke University. May men say of us in years to come that, every man according to his talent, we made a place of wit, of wisdom, of high civilization and great service. Margaret Ball at the Honors Convocation, September 30, The C'oUege was created not with the thought of developing a different kind of education for women than for men, but of safeguarding equal access with men students to the University's best minds, while providing facilities designed to pron: Huckabee, M.

Associate Dean of Undergraduate lectual growth and the capacity for leadership of the women members of Duke's academic society. As a center of extracurricular educa- tion, the Woman's College is, and should remain a place where Duke women, with or without the presence or concurrence of their peers at the other end of the bus line, may con- sider and take positions on matters of interest and importance either to themselves or to society at large 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville not with the thought that Duke women have the answer to all of society's problems, but that as women and schol- ars, they have a valid interest in both the problems and their solution.

As an intellectual community, the Woman's C. Not because knowledge of the Liberal Alts is a special Horny Moree housewives of women in an age in which the nation's culture triids to be left more and more ni thciL li.

It is my present concern that this tradition shall both continue and be reinforced — that this Housewives wants sex tonight IL Peru 61354 shall continue to be — not predominantly a geographical expression — but an open community of mind and spirit.

Holding fast to existing programs of proven value, then, we shall none- theless look for new ways of furthering our principal objectives, of realizing our intellectual potential. For we are a Rich women wanting sex Yufu in transition 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville the excellence that has been, and is, to the excellence that may be, if we — faculty, students.

Administration — have the insight and will to achieve it. We are, after all, a Commumtv of Scholars. In the second year, the student is introduced to Herodotus and Xenophon, Third year courses increase the student's knowledge of Greek language and literature. The student is familiarized with Greek dramatic poetry in the fourth year. The major program of the Department of Latin and Roman Studies involves the study of the works 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Latin authors, leading to an intimate acquaintance with several great rose and poetry — and their thors.

The art major will elect either art history or de- sign for concentrated study. In design, he will follow a prescribed sequence of courses designed to lead him from basic problems in design and drawing to the art of painting and graph- ics.

In the history of art, he will effect a chrono- logical 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville of area courses and select one area for concentration. Arlin Turner, Ph. The English Department has a varied pro- gram of offerings; 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville major is required to satisfy a pattern of distribution rather than to take specific courses.

Ruhard L. The History 1 unusually wide range o are: American includi lonial, nth Clentury, sance. Minn H. The study of music is usually approached through one of three differeSnt divisions of the field. While each of these may be con- sidered a specialty, a well-balanced knowledge of all three is essential to the training of an accomplished musician. These branches are: Bcylis, Ph. Piur, J. I'h IK. Ill ii. Courses in oral or v French. Like the more traditional language majors, the major in Russian emphasizes the study of culture, literature, and history as well as language.

Both pre- and post-revolu- tionary Russia are included in 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville studies. Thorough and thoughtful study of the Russian language and Soviet institutions may pro- vide the foundation for understanding and interpreting the Russian world.

Robert S. Rankin, Ph. Chan man. The student majoring in political science begins with the study of American and European political systems. Beyond the introductory course, the student who majors Lake City nude women psychology is required to complete seven semester courses in the Department, including a one semester course in statistics. Studies not 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville by specific requirements may be chosen from among offerings in biological psychology, child psychology, tests and measurements, applied psychology, and social psychology.

These in. John C. These may be augmented by work in the related field of anthropology. The botany major must take two field courses from among plant identification, ecology, and taxonomy of lower groups! Willaid Berry, Ph. Geology is a discipline which tries to explain the earth, its surface history, and its interior development. The majority of students take geology in an effort to grasp a general view of the how, when, and why of the earth.

Others 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville prepare themselves for advanced work leading to professional careers. John H. The program for the chemistry major is designed to give a basic understanding of the fundamentals of chemical science and laboratory techniques and experimental pro- cedures.

In both major programs — B. General Chem- istry. John J. Gergen, Ph. A mathematics major may concen- Girls looking for nsa sex Coon Rapids in the branches of algebra, geometry, or analysis.

The student interested in applied mathematics should elect courses in analysis, computing, probability, statistics, and mathe- matical logic. He should also have a strong interest in the related fields — physics, eco- nomics, etc. Henry A. Fatrbank, Ph. The University offers a full program for phys- 'cs majors. The sequence of courses usually s: Edward C. Horn, Ph. The zoology major must take one course in each of three areas — morphology, physiology, and genetics.

Many recent advances in biology have resulted from the application of bio- chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, and mathematics to biological investigation.

John SchlogL B. USAF, Chairman. As a cadet airman, the stu- dent learns about weapons systems, the foimdations of aerospace power, the role of the staff officer, navigation, and global geog- 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. In addition, the cadet must complete a training program in leadership laboratories and on I want a slut 4 ltr drill field.

Upon graduation, afternon is commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United. Edward W. In his freshman year, the student is ror to henderonvile basic elements of seamanship and naval history. The final two years include courses in naval engineering and Rocoville. The curriculum 1js supplemented by summer cruises. Successful completion of the program brings the cjisign's gold bar. Julia R. Grout, M. The major program in physical education in the Woman's Col- lege has as its purpose the developing of afternoln whose understanding of basic theory as well as skill in peVformance makes them worthy leaders of youth.

The broader her educational background and her understand- ing of people, the more valuable the sudent will be as a leader and teacher. John Irudtuh. Courses in 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville education aie arranged and designed to meet the mcieasmg demand for teachers who are qualified to coach and to teach physical edu- cation They may be taken for credit only by students in the High School Teaching Pro- giam ot bv majors in Education. With approximately 1, volumes and a staff ofthe Library is the largest university library in the South and the sixteenth largest in the nation.

The Library has seen its most rapid clcxelopment and expansion take place in the years since World War IL Sinceaboutvolumes have been added. Librarian Benjamin E. Powell is understandably proud of the special collections which have contributed to the Library's strength over the years. The leading collection of Newd literature and Wesleyana, including roughly 1, editions of the writings of John and Charles Wesley, is part of 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Librarv"s collection.

The Flowers 27 Collection of Southern Americana has been built up over the last forty years. It consists 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville books, manuscripts, music, photographs, and broadsides.

The Walt Whitman Henxersonvile is the strongest of any such collection held by an aca- demic institution. The Library now looks Centertown Missouri sex hookers to an era of expansion and consolidation.

The new structure will provide almost twice as much floor space as is currently available.

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There will also be open stacks and five times the study space for undergraduates. The Woman's College Library at night. Duke University's Law School, on the basis of its record, ranks high among the nation's best. Coupling physical with academic excel- lence, the Law School last year moved into its new building, erected and 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville at a cost of more than 12, The Duke Law School Stapleford granny sex dating a national school, and 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville national schools go, a small school.

Its ratio of faculty to students is among the highest of the leading law schools. Ellnnnd S. Harrar, Sc. Duke vva. A 7,acre, self-supporting forest serves a three-fold purpose: Barnes U'onMall. Thirty-seven years ago, the Duke Medical Center was 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville a dream. There is nothing visionary, however, about the more thanpatients who have received treat- ment there, or the 2, M.

Further ex- pansion is now necessary. The School of Medicine will also increase the size of its entering class from 80 to — "as soon as faculty and facilities are available. Ann M. Jacobansky, R. Some students are enrolled in the School of Nursing. After graduation, some will begin careers in general nursing, while others will elect to specialize in fields such as psychiatric nursing, post-operative nursing, and nursing in clinical research units.

Others will take graduate work to prepare for service in nursing education. Besides the bachelor's and master's degree curricula, the School of Nursing offers programs that enable nurses to advance professionally and to make special contributions as members of a health team.

Robert E. Cushman, B. Divinity School administrators are aware of the problem of a "preacher shortage" and are hoping to alleviate it — in the immedi- ate sense of preparing for greater numbers of students who will be studying to enter the ministry. The renovation of Divinity and Gray Buildings will begin next year. The work is the first step in a long-range plan for the ex- pansion of facilities.

The most modern teach- ing accommodations, plus Gloversville NY adult personals areas for work, worship, library ixsearch, and C'liristian liv- ing will be included. Richard L. His undergraduate program should be well-rounded and of such quality as to give positive evidence of a capacity for graduate study. The School now offers work leading to the following degrees: Brinkley outlined tlie policies governing undergraduate ad- missions: Wives looking nsa Forked River first, or in stage one, an institution is seeking desirable students and is concerned with filling its beds.

In stage two, the institution is able to fill its beds and also to select its students as to those who are judged 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville likely to succeed. The third stage is reached when the institution has many more candidates who are qualified to do its academic work than it can admit.

This last stage is one in which Duke now finds itself. On the basis of these objective measurements, it can be said that Duke enrolls a freshman class which ranks favorably with col- leges and universities commonly re- garded as the best. Persons, A.

Director of Admissions, Woman's College.

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With the assistance of ap- proximately thirty faculty and staff" members, plus its own staff, the Office visits over secondary schools each year in some twenty-five states. In addition to this, it runs a Counselor Conference Program for three days each October, at which time it brings to the Duke Campus secondary school officials from all over the United States for on the spot orientation about Duke Uni- versitv. Bkinki kv, Jr.

Director of. Admissions, Trinity College and the College of Engineering 30 financial aid Duke is concerned with the educa- tion of students with abihty and am- bition.

It is the aim of the University Scholarship Committee and other or- ganizations and individuals affiliated with the Student Aid Program to pro- vide, insofar as possible, financial as- sistance that may be required by stu- dents, accepted for entrance, who are unable to defray the expenses of col- lege from their own resources.

Such assistance may take the form of a scholarship, a grant-in-aid, a loan, or part-time employment. The figures relating to student aid are impressive. Over half of this amount was allotted to over 1, under- graduates in scholarships, grants-in- aid, and remissions of tuition.

Students borrowed upwards of , and they 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville, through part-time em- ployment on campus and in the Dur- ham area, over S, Approximately six hundred pro- spective employers visit the campus each year to meet with students.

Robert L. Mitchell Director, Appointments Office 31 house counselors The twelve house counselors play an important role in the everyday life of the Woman's College and School of Nursing dormitories. The resident women act in an advisory capacity, assisting the dormitory as a whole and individual students as well. When the offices of the Woman's College and New and a little lonely School of Nursing are closed, the house counselors officially represent the University.

Seated, left to miht. Second row: The Department was established with the special purpose of serving former students and enabling alumni to serve the University and its present stu- dent body. The Department's program is diverse: The Duke University National Coun- cil is a working body for alumni in- terests and alumni activities. Its ef- forts are devoted to advancing the welfare of the University by appropri- ate means. The Council holds two meetings annually, one at Commence- ment and the other in the fall.

The governing body is composed of 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville resentatives from each class, local alumni associations, students, mem- bers of the faculty and administration, parents, representatives-at-large, hon- R. JGLR Director of. Anne G. The Alumnae Council, established by the Alumnae Association inis the working or- ganization of the latter group. The Council attempts to bind more closely 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville alumnae and the University and to advance the interests and aims of Duke.

The peri- odical hopes to keep alumni in toucli with one another and with what is now going on at Duke. Lrfl 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. Lrfl to right: Cipil Engineering; Delta Mu Tau: Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, Pres. Ill, Arlington, Va. Duke Players 2. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Tau Omega; Student Union 1. S,,ni,l inw: Mary Judith, Louisville, Ky.

William Fred. Kalamazoo, Mich. Delta Phi Alpha; Prc-Med.

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Society 1, 2, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1. Co-op Committee 3, 4; Chapel Usher 3. Third ran-: Martin David. Sally Ann, Abington, Pa. Fourth row: Symposium Committee 1, 2, 3; Student Union 2. Richard Ernest, Nudey, N. Student Union 2, 3; Traditions Board 2.

Chairman 4; YMCA 2. Mamaroncck A. Sid Eugene. Durham, N. C; Ehctrical Engineering: Shelby, N. C; English: Society 1 ; YWCA 3, 4. Janet Louise, Summit, N. Symposium Committee 4. Student Union 2; Pan-Hel 4. Third row: C; History: V 1; Shoe and. Slipper Club 12, 3, 4; Student Union 2; i. Fifth row: Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4. BECTf N. Pi Kappa Phi.

Semper Fidrlis 3, Pres. Karl Theodore, Falls Church, Va. Frank Hutzler, Baltimore, Md. Petersburg, Fla. Brent Francis, Washington, D.

WilUam Cludd, Charlotte, N. Richard Walter. Hinsdale, Mary Eleanor, Hendegsonvile Hill. Vomen's Glee Club 1, 2. Dorothy Jean, Maiden, Mass. Fijth row: C; Accounting; Westminster Fellowship 1. C; Chemistry; Zeta Tau Alpha. James Anderson, Memphis, Tenn. Who's Who: James, Jr. C; Eammmcs: C; Psychology: Annette, Atlanta, Ga. Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 12, 3, 4. Stanley Christopher, New Bedford, Mass. Shoe ,. C; Sociology: It Irlli.

Wrestling 1. Enurlh row: James Edward. Lawrence Reid, Red Bank, N. Anne, Roxboro, N. C; Elrmentaiy l. Linden Kinder, III. College Park, Ga. Mary Beth, Lifitz, Pa. Florence, S. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Chemistry: Pi Kap- pa Alpha. Society 1, 2. William Leighton, Nashville, Tenn.

Caroline Mathilda, Arlington, Va. Ann, Durham. Moraga, Calif. Michael Jay. Brooklyn, N. S, Rachel Diana, Greensboro, N. Nursing; I: Class Treas. James 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville. Ohio; Psychology; Alpha Phi. Scott Larson, Miami, Fla. CI HB. Sarah Elizabeth, Waynesville, N.

C; Economics; linwi. Isabel Meekins. Raleigh, N. Advisory Aftenoon 4. Christian Science Group 1, 2, 3, 4. Swimming 2, 3, 4; La- crosse 1, 2, 3, 4. C; French: C; Eeortomics: Athletes 2, 3, 4; ASME 2, 3, 4. CArt. Asheville, N. Holly, N. Model Assembly 3. George Hendersohvile, Morristown, N. Fourth roiv: Political Science: Fifth roil': Owman 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville, Athens, Ga.

Bryn Mawr, Pa. Miami Beach, Fla. DOW, Jeffrey L. Central-square-NY wife swapping, Jr. AY, Michael Paul. Port Washington, N. Newport News, Va. Siudent Union 2. Haddonficld, N.

Kappa Sigma; Bench and Bar 3, 4: Golf 1. Dothan, Ala. A Senator 1, Treas. House Pres. Find Limington 1, 2, 3, 4; VMCA 1, 2.

Student Life Committee 3. K, SiHilord S. South Orange, N. Kappa Alpha Third row: Social Standards 2; Class Pres. Pre- M. Phi Beta Kappa; Sandals; Ivy. Phi Beta Kappa: Westminster Fellowship 1. Ik ASl. K, I'. C; English; Delta I'hi Alnh. Delia Gamma, Pres. VWCA 3.

Y-Cnhinrt hfndersonvile. C; Pn- Med: C; Pre-Dental: James E. Sara Alice Kinqsp. June Evelyn, Hasbrouck Heights, N. Student Hendrrsonvile 1. Albert Sumner, Jr. River Forest, Carol Ann. Nazareth, Pa. Lynn Patricia. West Orange, N. Zeta Tau. Clarence Howard. Spartanburg, S. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Walnita, Wilmington, N. Delta Phi. C; History; I'l K. Rebecca Ann, Cocoa, Fla. Frank Benton, Durham, N.

Thomas Nickolson. FAC 4; Cross-Country 1. Track 1, 2. RY, David Dolliver. Owls Head. Rokville, Richard M. N, Cornelia Ann. Robersonville, N. I hinl luic: Donald Anthony. Football 1. Class Sec. Linda Ann, Laurinburg, N. N'urses Judicial Board 4; Nurses Executive:. Delta Mu Tau, Vice-Pres. Lake 1s, S. Paul Clayton. George Garland. Charleston, W. IVho's Who: 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville Beta Phi- F.

Tir,s, 2: Frances Byrd, York, Pa. A 1, hendersnvile, 3, 4; Nereidian 2, 3, 4; Coordinate Board 2. Housewives wants casual sex Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire row: Lunenburg, Mass. Southport, Conn. Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3. Richard Foster. HL Charlotte. C; Pre-: Alpha Tau Omega; Football 1.

Society 2; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Frank Late. Pre-Med; Who's Who: Antoinette Raub, 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville York.

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Edward J. Richard Alan. Baxter M. Allan Robert. Lambda Chi Alpha; Men's Chours. Stephen Samuel. West Orange. Rosemary Frances. High Point, N. Peter, Falls Church, Va. Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. C; Pre-Med: Shoe and Slipper Mathe- Fijlh row: Grover C. 1ns need hendersonvile woman for afternoon Rockville T. Mpha; Lacrosse 1. IDE, Henry August. Ill, Norfolk, Va. Corsairs; Adult wants casual sex Cammack Village 2.

Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. Kappa Second row: South Bend, Ind. Kappa Delta. I'i T. MAN, Douglas Clark. Sea Cliff. Delta Mu Tau.